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Support Center


Support Policy

SWING Software provides software support services (8×5) to all customers with a valid Software Upgrade Plan. You can submit your support requests by email or via the Customer Support Portal. One year of standard support services (up to 5 support cases) is included with initial product license purchase.

Current major releases of the products are eligible for full support, including support services and product updates. Support for older releases is limited to support services, and lapses 12 months after a new major release has been published.

Self-Service Support: Learning Center

Review our product documentation library which has detailed how-to articles and frequently asked questions. Before you contact our technical support, consult the FAQ list – someone may have already asked your question!

Contact Support

You are a customer with a valid Software Upgrade Plan, and have a product-related question or issue – let us give you a hand! Our technical support team is standing by to offer friendly, high-quality, responsive technical support.

Submit your support request:

Please provide a clear, detailed description of the problem or the question, including SWING product version, OS version, and any other related software versions and configurations.

A support request (support case) is a single question related to a SWING Software product which has been submitted to our Technical Support. Multiple questions may not be combined into a single support request. One request may require multiple contacts or internal teamwork to be resolved.

If you expect to have more than 5 support cases during the standard support coverage period, then additional support packages may be purchased here.

Product Updates

Many of your support needs can be met by simply installing the latest product update.

Product Current Version
SWING DocPublisher 4.80
SWING Seascape for Notes 2.34
SWING PDF Converter for Notes 6.47
SWING Integrator for Notes 5.30
SWING Porter for Outlook 1.76

Suggest a Feature

If you have an idea for a new feature in our software, please let us know. Your input is important to us.

Consulting Services

SWING Consulting Services provide advice and guidance for problems not covered within the standard support, as well as requests for consultative assistance for design, development, and deployment issues.


  • Customer Testimonials

         I wish other application providers had the same level of expertise and commitment to technical support that SWING does.

    Russel Boone
    Financial Systems Consulting