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Support Policy

Support Policy

The SWING Software Commitment to Support

We are fully committed to helping you maximize your productive use of SWING Software products. Our intent is to provide you with quality support services.

Self-Serve Support

All SWING Software customers are entitled to take advantage of the Self-Serve Support resources available at http://swingsoftware.com/support/. Many of your support needs can be met by searching our Learning Center, or by simply downloading the current product updates.

Complimentary “Getting Started” Support

As an owner of a SWING Software product, you receive our Complimentary “Getting Started” Support for a period of 30 days. The support period begins with your first support contact. You can start the complimentary support, at your own convenience, any time after initial purchase. During this period, you can submit your support requests, one at a time, here.

Prepaid Incident Support

After your complimentary support period ends, you can still receive personal service from qualified support specialists. SWING Software offers professional technical support on a prepaid incident basis.

A support incident pack should be purchased prior to contacting SWING Technical Support.

Support Incident is a single question related to a SWING Software product and sent to support@swingsoftware.com. Multiple questions may not be combined into a single support incident. One incident may require multiple contacts and off-line research to be resolved.

A support incident includes answers to questions regarding installation, configuration, deployment, product usage issues, or programming issues. Does not include: customer’s design and code review, custom development.

Multiple users can contact support, but each contact is counted as one of the prepaid incidents.

There will be no charge if the incident reported is due to a verifiable bug in a SWING Software product, or a question that we are unable to resolve.

The following support incident packs are available:

  • 5 Support Incidents
  • 10 Support Incidents
  • 20 Support Incidents

Incident packs expire one year from the date of purchase or when all incidents have been used, whichever occurs first.

Support is available for our products’ most recent version (e.g. 3.x) as well as the previous major version released prior to the newest version (e.g. 2.x).

Consulting Services

SWING Consulting Services provide advice and guidance for problems not covered within Incident Support, as well as requests for consultative assistance for design, development and deployment issues.

Our Consulting Services provide the opportunity to communicate with a SWING Software development specialist, to seek advice about alternate approaches to a development challenge, or to pose “what if” scenarios to help understand development choices.

Price: $100 per hour.

Support engineer will estimate the effort and inform a customer.

  • Customer Testimonials

         I wish other application providers had the same level of expertise and commitment to technical support that SWING does.

    Russel Boone
    Financial Systems Consulting