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Review our product documentation library with detailed how-to articles and frequently asked questions. Before you contact our technical support, consult the FAQ list — someone may have already asked your question.

Contact Support

You are a customer with a valid Software Subscription or Maintenance Plan, and have a product-related question or issue — let us give you a hand. Our technical support team is standing by to offer friendly, high-quality, responsive technical support.

Support Policy

SWING Software provides software support services (8×5) to all customers with a valid Software Subscription or Maintenance Plan. You can submit your support requests via the Customer Support Portal or by email. One year of standard support services (up to 5 support cases) is included with initial product license purchase.

Before submitting your support request

Please consult the FAQ’s and technical articles in our documentation. It is recommended that the latest product update has been installed. Finally, share all the details — the more we know, the better we can help you.

Supported product releases

Current major releases of the products are eligible for full support, including support services and product updates. Support for older releases is limited to support services, and lapses 12 months after a new major release has been published.

Question by question

A support request is a question related to our products, submitted by individual user. Please submit a separate request for each question, so we can focus on one issue, and efficiently resolve it. One request may require multiple contacts or internal teamwork to be resolved.

Feature suggestions

We are always happy to hear our users’ feedback. If you have an idea for a new feature in our software, please use this form:

Consulting services

We also provide advice and guidance for issues not covered within the standard support, as well as data migration services.