IBM Notes to SharePoint

IBM Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration

Seascape for Notes helps you migrate Lotus Notes content and data to Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365.

How to migrate Lotus Notes data to SharePoint

SharePoint Uploader is a Lotus Notes migration tool in Seascape for Notes that allows you to easily upload your archived Notes content and metadata into SharePoint. The upload process consists of three steps as follows:

  1. Select the Full Archive or the Plain Archive to be uploaded.
  2. Select an existing connection to your SharePoint list or document library, or create a new one.
  3. Set up the field mapping between the metadata saved on disk and your SharePoint properties, and run the upload.

If you decide to move documents extracted from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, you can do this right away. But, you can also keep your records in a Seascape archive. And, if you decide to upload them to SharePoint or Office 365 at any time in the future (even long after your Lotus Notes applications have been retired), then the SharePoint Uploader will upload records from the Seascape archive, together with selected metadata.


Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration


The SharePoint Uploader maps Lotus Notes fields to corresponding SharePoint list and library columns. It also enables you to create new fields in SharePoint and transfer the field values to those fields.

Here is an example of how the uploaded PDF files and metadata are displayed in the SharePoint library:

Lotus Notes documents in the SharePoint library

SWING Software’s data migration tools are widely used among both IT professionals and consultants. For instance, AD7 Consulting has helped one of their clients (a leading software company) migrate various IBM Notes databases to Microsoft SharePoint. They successfully completed the migration of over 100,000 documents (20GB of data). The client’s IT department has always feared the Notes migration, but in the end, this was the smoothest part of the transition.