Lotus Notes application migration to the cloud

Lotus Notes Migration

Replacing Lotus Notes? Boost your migration by detaching historical data from Lotus Notes and Domino.

Lotus Notes replacement

For legacy Notes and Domino applications, however, it is rarely a one-to-one application replacement. According to our experience, Lotus Notes migration — either to the cloud or on premise — generally goes along with platform and application consolidation. It is commonly a unique opportunity for companies to rebuild legacy applications (or to find a commercial solution or SaaS alternative) and to repartition functions across the application portfolio to better fit their current requirements and business processes.

In addition, attempts to strictly clone Notes/Domino database structures on new platforms, make migrations difficult and time-consuming.

Those companies that find a way to liberate themselves from caring about legacy data and applications, considerably boost their IT modernization.

Many organizations seek exact replacements for their Notes and Domino applications. Replacement offers an opportunity to repartition functions to better match business needs.

— Gartner

Lotus Notes application migration

Reduce Lotus Notes migration scope and complexity (and risk of failure!) by offloading data from Lotus Notes databases before migration. In this way, you will be able to easily shut down and decommission all Domino servers on your cut-off day.

First, extract and archive all Lotus Notes data, then carry forward only what is necessary. Simplify decision on what data to bring over to the new system.

Migration to the cloud

Legacy applications are one of the greatest barriers to cloud migration. Many organizations that have migrated away from Lotus Notes and Domino email tend to keep their remaining Domino servers and applications running just to provide access to accumulated legacy data. It is not much different with other platforms that are deeply entrenched in an organization.

Migration tools for Lotus Notes and Domino data

We’ve made tools to help you move your content and data to SharePoint, or export to portable archives based on standard formats (PDF, HTML, XML/JSON).

  • SWING PDF Converter – Extracts Notes documents as PDF+XML files to folder structures.
  • SWING Seascape – Extracts Notes databases, views, and documents as PDF+XML or PDF+JSON files and optionally creates a complete HTML-based interface.

These solutions provide high-fidelity document archives, by preserving Notes views, links, page layouts and metadata.

For organizations standardized on Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, the key requirement is the ability to migrate Lotus Notes data and content to SharePoint lists and libraries. SWING Seascape for Notes is a data migration tool which enables you to connect directly to your SharePoint library, and uploads the documents and metadata.


Lotus Notes Data Migration
for SharePoint Admins


In this whitepaper, we describe the typical pitfalls and best practices involved in Lotus Notes data migration to help you achieve a successful and complete migration.

Product Datasheet: Seascape for Notes


Seascape is an archiving solution that enables administrators to archive entire Notes apps, mail files, and other custom databases using a streamlined archiving process.

Lotus Notes Data Migration Services


Do you need a one-off export from Notes / Domino databases? Don’t want to purchase a software license? Let us run the export for you!

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