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Email Conversion to PDF

Convert Email Messages to PDF Files

All emails are not made equal. Important ones need to be preserved as business records. If your team needs to save relevant emails to project folders, or to client files, how do they accomplish that?

Export email messages to PDF files

Turn email messages into e-records

Our software solution enables your team to export emails as PDF files for archiving. Now, emails can be saved together with other documents related to a specific project or client. Our products extract multiple items or entire folders at once, include file attachments and meta-data, support PDF/A archives, and more.

It integrates natively with your email client – Microsoft Outlook or HCL Notes.

For Microsoft Outlook

  • Archive emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook
  • Batch export multiple email messages or entire folders to PDF
  • Save the mailbox folder structure on your disk
  • Customize exports to fit your specific needs
  • Connect to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or other email services
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For HCL Notes/Domino

  • Export Lotus Notes emails and attachments using a Notes toolbar add-in
  • Convert multiple emails into individual PDF documents or collections (binders or packages)
  • Save the mailbox folder structure on your disk
  • Set up automated archiving jobs
  • Direct the output either to the file system or to document repositories
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Why should you convert email messages to PDF? The benefits vary depending on the organization’s specific requirements, but generally include:

  • Long-term retention. Standard PDF document format is well suited for archiving of electronic records, including all relevant email messages.
  • Discovery. The created PDF files are fully searchable. They also include original metadata, so can be imported into any document or records repository at any time.
  • Simplicity. Just select emails and click the icon.