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Content Transformation / Data Portability

Content transformation and data portability are the centerpiece of our software solutions. Learn more about specific solutions and usage scenarios.

IBM Notes Archiving

Basically, there are two approaches to archiving in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino: 1) Standard Lotus Notes to NSF archive; 2) Extracting Notes data outside of Notes/Domino into open formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, and JSON. [read more]

IBM Notes Application Modernization

The modernization process provides an opportunity for organizations to transform their application portfolio. [read more]

IBM Notes Application Decommissioning

Companies typically avoid retiring their IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) applications as long as they expect that historical data might be sporadically accessed for reference. It’s often easier to keep the old data where it was rather than to extract it. Really, why bother with decommissioning while legacy applications still work as data repositories? [read more]

IBM Notes and Domino Migration

Reduce IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) migration or modernization complexity (and risk of failure!) by offloading data from Notes/Domino databases before migration. In this way, you will be able to easily shut down and decommission all Domino servers on your cut-off day. First, extract and archive all data, then carry forward only what is necessary. [read more]

IBM Notes to SharePoint

Seascape for Notes helps you migrate Lotus Notes content and data to Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365. [read more]

GDPR and IBM Notes Data

IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) and Domino are a reliable platform for implementing data governance best practices. However, organizations that are migrating off Notes and Domino, and that have accumulated Notes data over years, need to be mindful of their inactive Notes data, especially in their backups and archives. What is the role of IBM Notes and Domino data portability and content transformation in the GDPR compliance process? [read more]

Email Conversion to PDF

All emails are not made equal. Important ones need to be preserved as business records. If your team needs to save relevant emails to project folders, or to client files, how do they accomplish that? [read more]