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Pricing and Licensing

SWING Seascape for Notes

Seascape for Notes – Software License


Ideal for 1 – 3
Notes/Domino databases

  • 1 Export Workstation
  • Databases:



Best value for database archiving across your organization

  • Select an export package below
  • Export Workstations / Databases:


Data Services

For consultancies and
data services providers

  • Licensed per data pack
    on any server

*We offer aggressive pricing on volume purchases. Request a Quote.


Licensing Details

  • Export Workstation: The databases being processed can reside either on the same workstation or on any accessible Domino server.
  • In-House: The Express and Standard editions may be used exclusively for your internal business purposes. You may not use the Software for providing hosting services or data services to third parties.
  • Data Services and Consultancies:┬áIf you are interested in providing services such as application data archiving or data migration to your clients, please contact us for a special offer.


Once the order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail containing the product download information and the installation instructions.

Software Upgrade Plan: Maintenance and Support

Initial purchase includes a one-year Software Upgrade Plan. With this Software Upgrade Plan, you will have every new version of the product (both minor and major releases) for a period of 12 months. It also includes standard support services (up to 5 support cases) at no extra charge.

Premium Export Services

SWING Software offers premium export services for customers who do not wish to run PDF exports on their own or do not run supported versions of Lotus Notes. Learn more: Premium Export Services.

For additional information or assistance, please contact us.