SWING Seascape for Notes

Application Archiving for IBM Lotus Notes

With SWING Seascape, you will no longer need to run IBM Notes and Domino to access application views and Notes documents.

Seascape for Notes - screenshot
  • Lotus Notes Archive

    Complete archive

    Views, documents, files and metadata

  • Lotus Notes Document

    Document rendering

    Original Notes layout is retained in PDF

  • Lotus Notes to Web

    Real independence

    You only need a web browser with a PDF viewer

Lotus Notes data

Preserve Notes documents outside of IBM Notes/Domino

What if you need to keep Notes documents long after the original application has been retired? Meet Seascape for Notes. It lets you escape from the proprietary format lock-in (NSF), so you can extend the life of your historical Notes data without Notes and Domino.

Application data archiving

Application modernization starts with data archiving

Consolidate your applications without the historical baggage accumulated over years. Why bother with all legacy data when you plan to build your new applications or re-architect the existing ones? Archive all historical records and migrate only the active data. Treat yourself to a fresh start.

Lotus Notes migration

Lotus Notes migration and application retirement

When you opt to migrate to another platform, you will always benefit from extracting and archiving inactive (static) data. Reduce migration complexity (and risk of failure!) by offloading inactive information from Notes/Domino databases before migration. In this way, you will be able to easily shut down and decommission all Domino servers on your cut-off day.

Records audit

Get ready for an audit, years ahead

If historical records reside on a legacy platform, or an unsupported application, you carry a high risk of non-compliance. And the risk grows as systems age. It also grows as Notes and Domino specialists leave the company. Therefore, Notes data should be detached from the original application, and saved to an open-standard repository for long-term archiving.

According to our survey, 93% of organizations have an action plan for Lotus Notes applications and data. You can start today by downloading Seascape for Notes.

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