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SWING Seascape for Notes

Lotus Notes Database Export and Archiving

Preserve historical data outside of Lotus Notes and Domino

Lotus Notes Database Export
Lotus Notes Database Export

Convert your Lotus Notes applications or mailboxes into independent browser-based archives with views and documents. Options from no-server to Flex server.

After your data has been extracted from Lotus Notes databases, you will no longer need HCL Notes and Domino to access historical records. Seascape for Notes preserves rich content, document hierarchies, categories, views, links, and metadata. A built-in PDF conversion engine, trusted by over 1,000 organizations, will ensure that your existing Notes content is converted to PDF (or PDF/A) with high fidelity.

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Lotus Notes application archiving with Seascape for Notes

  • Real independence: You only need a web browser or a PDF viewer to access your extracted Notes data—nothing else!
  • High-fidelity conversion: A powerful PDF creation engine used by thousands of Notes professionals guarantees a high-fidelity representation of your Notes content.
  • Complete archiving: Save your views, documents, doclinks, file attachments, and metadata, and enable your users to access the data in almost the same way as they did in Notes.
  • Convenience: Make use of numerous advanced features, such as batch archiving, custom naming rules and folder structures, database catalog, export privileges, and more.

Solve your problems with HCL Lotus Notes data

  • Extracting inactive (static) data: Get ready for records requests. Extract read-only data from Lotus Notes databases, for regulatory, legal, or business reasons.
  • Application retirement and archiving: For long-term archiving, data should be detached from the original application and saved to an open-standard repository.
  • Application modernization: Preserve all historical records and migrate only the active data.

Premium Export Services

Do you need a one-off export from Lotus Notes databases? Don’t want to purchase a software license? If so, learn more about our Premium Export Services.

What is a Lotus Notes database?

This question might seem redundant at this point, but what if you have inherited some databases that you don’t know much about? Thus, let us briefly describe what a Notes database is.

Notes/Domino databases are NoSQL, document-based databases. One specific type is a mail database, which contains emails. A single database file (NSF) typically contains multiple documents with rich content (emails are also documents), views, and application logic. Because of this compound nature of the NSF file, where code and data are packaged together, it is an application file as well. These applications run on Domino servers and Notes clients.

It is not necessary to be an HCL Notes/Domino specialist to extract content from Notes databases. Simply, fire up the Notes client (if you need our assistance, just drop us a line) and run Seascape for Notes. You can export databases stored either locally, or from any accessible Domino server.

According to our survey, 93% of organizations have an action plan for Lotus Notes applications and data. You can start now by downloading Seascape for Notes.

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