How It Works

Ready to start extracting Lotus Notes data the easy way?

Seascape for Notes comes as a single Notes/Domino application file (NSF). After installation (either on a Domino server or locally), it can be opened in the Notes client. Menu options allow users to select the applications, views and documents they wish to export.

Once the export is complete, the selected destination folder will contain all the files that are required to access the exported content using a web browser. You will no longer need to run Notes and Domino to access the archive.

Download the Product Datasheet to learn more.

From Notes applications to
platform-independent archives

Here you can see how Seascape preserves Lotus Notes documents and views outside of Notes and Domino.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

What steps are required to export a Notes view with documents? Select a database and view(s) and then let Seascape automatically extract a read-only snapshot from the database.

Download the Product Datasheet to learn more.

Try it for yourself

Download Seascape for Notes and let us know what you think.