Seascape Flex

Take Seascape Web Archives to the next level

What is Seascape Flex?

Seascape Flex is a lightweight server that extends the capabilities of standalone Web Archives.

Once the server is deployed, the Web Archives connected to the server are automatically updated to provide new features such as full-text document search, cross-database search, user management and access permissions, and improved performance and scalability.

Advanced Search and Full-text Search

Seascape Flex is built on the industry standard Elasticsearch engine that ensures lightning-fast search across your web archives. You can now search the PDF copies of your Notes records, file attachments, and document metadata (i.e. Notes fields).

Advanced search options allow you to fine-tune your search results by selecting date ranges, specific document properties, and other filters.

Seascape Flex: Advanced search dialog

User Permissions

Set up access permissions on your web archives to ensure that the archives are only available to the right audiences.

Seascape Flex lets you create users and groups directly in the application, or you can connect to your organization’s Active Directory, import selected groups and users from AD, and then assign them access permissions to specific databases.

With this, users who log into the system will only be able to see the archives that they have access for. Seascape Flex also supports the single-sign on (SSO) capability which makes it even easier to integrate into your existing environment.

Creating users and groups or importing from AD

Performance and Scalability

If you are tired of waiting for large views to load just so you can access your archive and find a document, you will certainly appreciate the Flex’s scalability. Seascape Flex is built to support archives of any size and unlimited number of views and documents, with optimized page loading speed.

Add new archives to Seascape Flex at any time and remove the archives that are due for deletion based on your organization’s retention policies.

Upgrade to Flex

Install Seascape Flex in minutes and witness your web archive transform into a powerful new solution for managing your historical Notes data in the years to come. Seascape Flex is best deployed from a Windows Server that can also be used to host the web archive files.

You can also take advantage of our complimentary Seascape Flex deployment services to get you up and running faster, as well as deal with more complex deployment scenarios.

Contact us today to schedule a live demo of Seascape Flex and discuss your specific needs with our product specialist.