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HCL Notes and Domino products download

Download the latest version of the Lotus Notes client (HCL Notes, formerly IBM Notes), together with the entire HCL Domino family of products here: HCL Domino Download.

HCL Domino is a secure, enterprise-grade, application development platform with proven low-code capabilities.

While the old IBM versions of Lotus Notes and Domino are nearing end of life, HCL continues to invest in future releases of HCL Domino. Learn more in these articles: Lotus Notes’ life support is over – what now? and 12 Alternatives to Lotus Notes.

HCL Domino Sandbox

You can also sign up to the HCL SoFy platform to test drive HCL Domino. In just minutes you can enjoy a full product version of Domino: HCL Domino Sandbox.

Lotus Notes data download / extract

1. Notes View to CSV

Tabular data from a Notes view can be exported to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format. It should be noted that this type of export only contains data from Notes views. That means that other data from Notes document (such as rich text fields – RTFs), other than view columns won’t be exported.

To export data from a Notes view in CSV format:

  1. Select the documents you want to export in a Notes view and then click File > Export
  2. Save the file as “Comma Separated Value”
    1. Choose between exporting “All documents” or “Selected documents”
    2. To include the view titles in the exported file, check “Include View titles”
    3. Specify the Export character set (Default, UTF-8, Unicode)
  3. Click OK

2. Notes data to PDF/XML/HTML

Although you can export raw Lotus Notes data to a CSV file, you’ll probably want to export all Notes documents with metadata, particularly for long-term archiving, records management, content migration, application retirement, and so on.

So if you need to export all data and file attachments from Lotus Notes and Domino databases, here is a tool that can be used for this – Seascape for Notes:

Demo: Lotus Notes data export

Once you have extracted data from your Notes databases, you will be able to access the application views and documents without the Notes client or any other Lotus Notes viewer, using nothing but a Web browser. Our JavaScript-based data viewer enables you to navigate through the exported Lotus Notes content.

Download the Product Datasheet to learn more.

Or download the full trial and try it out with your own Lotus Domino / HCL Domino databases: Seascape Trial.

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