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SWING Porter for Outlook

Export Outlook Emails to PDF

Save emails from Microsoft Outlook® as PDF files

Export emails from Microsoft Outlook

Put your emails in context

Once you export your relevant emails as PDFs, they can be shared or archived together with other documents related to a specific project or client.

Think long-term

PDF and PDF/A provide long-term retention of emails as electronic records, decoupled from email servers and clients. These archives can be viewed or printed on any device with a PDF reader.

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Export from Outlook - SWING Porter

Use folders or collections

Archive Outlook emails, either individually or by folder, into a searchable compact PDF file with a built-in view. Or, organize email messages in file system folders as individual PDF files with attachments.

Save money on printing

Reduce reliance on paper when you need to file relevant emails as business records, for regulatory and audit requirements.

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