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We’ve put together some answers to common questions:


Can I convert multiple emails to multiple PDF files?

Yes, SWING Porter can create multiple PDF files by converting selected emails or selected Outlook folders.

Can I automatically name the PDF files in a specific way?

Yes, using SWING Porter’s settings, you can set up a naming rule for your PDF files using a combination of any of your email properties (e.g. Sender, Date, Subject etc.).

What is a PDF Binder?

A PDF Binder is a normal PDF file which is typically created from multiple selected emails or folders. Additionally, a PDF Binder contains an automatically generated table of contents (TOC) which allows you to move from one email to another quickly. If you export Outlook folders to a PDF Binder, your folder structure will also be recreated in the TOC outline, allowing you to browse your emails similarly as you would in Outlook. SWING Porter can create PDF Binders both from selected emails and selected folders.

What is a PDF package?

A PDF Package is a PDF file that has other PDF files embedded in it. When a PDF Package is opened, it will show a list of the embedded PDF files using a document view that’s similar to the one shown in Outlook. This view can be sorted by columns (e.g. From, Subject, Received etc.) and it’s also possible to search all the files within the PDF Package. SWING Porter can create PDF Packages both from selected emails and selected folders.

Does SWING Porter save email attachments?

Yes, the email attachments will by default be embedded in the created PDF files in their native formats.

Where can I find my email attachments?

You can open the embedded attachment by either double-clicking on the attachment icon in the PDF file, or by opening your PDF reader’s attachment pane The attachment pane can be opened by clicking on the paperclip icon, or using the View -> Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes -> Attachments menu (in Adobe Reader DC).

Can I convert email attachments to PDF?

Yes, file attachments can be converted to PDF format. Converted files can be either attached or appended to the PDF. SWING Porter uses Office automation to convert file attachments to PDF, so this feature requires Microsoft Office to be installed.

Can I add new emails into a PDF package?

Currently this feature is not available but it is in the works and will become available soon. Feel free to check-in again after a while or contact us at info@swingsoftware.com for more details.

Can I export Outlook folders to PDF?

Yes, SWING Porter comes with two pre-configured conversion profiles that allow you to export a single folder or a folder selection.

Are PDF files searchable?

The PDF Binders and PDF Packages are fully searchable when opened in a PDF reader software. As for searching multiple PDF files saved on disk, they can be searched using the built-in Windows search feature. Most of the times this feature is enabled in Windows by default, but sometimes you may also need to configure your indexing options manually. More information on editing your indexing options in order to search through PDF files is available on this page.

Does SWING Porter save email metadata?

Yes, saving metadata is a configurable option in SWING Porter’s settings.

Can SWING Porter export my emails to PDF automatically?

Yes, SWING Porter provides the ability to export emails on a preset schedule, e.g. hourly, daily etc.

Can SWING Porter export to PDF/A format?

Yes, PDF/A format is supported.

Can I deploy SWING Porter to my users using a network installation?

Yes, instructions for performing a network installation of SWING Porter are available here.

What are the Conversion Profiles?

A Conversion Profile is a set of rules that will be applied to a PDF export such as PDF settings (e.g. page layout, margins etc.), PDF naming rules and the context in which a particular Conversion Profile becomes available (e.g. a single email selected, multiple emails selected etc.). The purpose of the Conversion Profiles is to enable the user to reduce the number of steps needed in order to export emails or folders to PDF. SWING Porter comes with several pre-configured Conversion Profiles which typically cover 90% of PDF export scenarios.

What versions of Outlook are supported?

Currently SWING Porter works on versions 2010 and 2013, and it will also work on all new upcoming versions of of Outlook. Backward support for Outlook 2007 is also in the offing; fell free to contact us at info@swingsoftware.com for more details.

Does SWING Porter work on a Mac?

No, SWING Porter works only on Windows.


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