SWING PDF Converter for Notes

IBM Notes Export to PDF

Export and archive IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) emails, documents and databases

Lotus Notes Export to PDF, SharePoint, Office 365

  • PDF icon in the Lotus Notes toolbar
  • Converts emails and documents into PDF (no additional software nor programming required)
  • Exports multiple documents/emails at once (as a single PDF file or as separate files)
  • Exports categories, folders, and document levels, preserving their structure
  • Archiving emails related to a client, project, case etc.
  • Not allowed to install on server? Install it locally.

SWING PDF Converter provides high-fidelity rendering, smart scaling, attachments, links and more. Check it out:

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Save Notes documents: Exporting from the Lotus Notes client

Lotus Notes has finally got a PDF icon for its toolbar. Whether you need a single Notes document with all its attachments to be converted, or you want to select multiple documents and convert them into a compound PDF or a series of PDFs – it is now just a click away! View a short demo: Exporting Lotus Notes Documents to PDF.

Any collection of emails or Notes documents (e.g. project-related or case-related emails/documents) can be exported into either individual PDF (or PDF/A) files, or merged into a PDF binder with the navigation tree, or saved as compact, searchable PDF Package. View a short demo: E-mail Archiving.

Bulk archiving of Lotus Notes databases (applications or mailboxes)

Domino Administrators may need to archive entire databases or particular views/folders without user intervention.

For instance, all data from a legacy Lotus Notes application needs to be archived into separate PDF files for future reference, before the application has been decommissioned. Or, an archiving job can be configured to extract emails from specific folders across user mailboxes. Archiving jobs run on server and can be scheduled or executed on demand.

Migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint / Office 365

You can connect the PDF Converter Enterprise Edition to your SharePoint or Office 365 site. An archiving job can be configured so the resulting PDF documents are directed to an existing document library, along with metadata obtained from Notes fields and formulas (screenshot). View a short demo: Exporting Notes to Microsoft SharePoint.

If you need to connect to other document repositories, please contact us for more information.

Premium Export Services

Do you need a one-off export from Lotus Notes databases? Don’t want to purchase a license or install anything on your servers? If so, learn more about our Premium Export Services.

Lotus Notes Export Screencasts

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