Take a look at the PDF Converter for Lotus Notes in action

Exporting Notes Documents to PDF

With SWING PDF Converter for Notes, you can export Lotus Notes documents to PDF, either for archiving or for distribution outside of your Lotus Notes network. See what it takes to convert a group of selected Notes documents to PDF. This is out-of-the-box functionality, so no additional configuration is needed.

Lotus Notes Email Archiving

Do you need a simple way to extract emails from Lotus Notes and store them together with other project/client related files? See how to easily turn individual email messages into PDF, or archive complete folders of emails into PDF. The email messages can be exported as separate PDF files, or as a single PDF package. Email attachments get automatically embedded in the PDF file in their native formats.

PDF for Domino Web Applications

See how to create PDF documents from Lotus Domino web applications. You may want to let users fill out various web forms and then be able to download properly formatted PDF documents. Produce PDF invoices, purchase orders, certificates, HR forms, and other printable documents — directly from your web application.

Any other kind of conversion?

Can’t find the conversion feature you are looking for? Would you like to use an existing feature in a different way? Just send us a description of your requirements and goals, and our technical team will advise on the best way to achieve these. If needed, we can also write sample code for you.