PDF icon in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes print to PDF

How to print to PDF from Lotus Notes (without installing any printer driver)

Lotus Notes print-to-PDF steps

  1. Select documents in a Lotus Notes view.
  2. Click the PDF Converter icon in the Notes toolbar (see the screenshot).
  3. Select the type of output (separate PDF files, PDF package, PDF binder).
  4. Select the file naming rule.
  5. Select the PDF conversion settings.
  6. Click the Create PDF button in the dialog.
Lotus Notes print to PDF
The PDF Converter icon in Lotus Notes

Yes, you can print to PDF in Windows 10+, but…

Comparing with the built-in Windows function, the PDF Converter for Notes provides a lot more: smart scaling, file attachments, document links, embedded views, alternate forms, PDF/A, view and folder hierarchies, embedded metadata and sidecar XML files, multi-document PDF binders and packages, file naming rules, and more.

Why these advanced features matter

You will appreciate high fidelity conversion of your Notes content. In addition, document metadata, links, and attachments are a must have for long term record retention. You can compare all editions and features here.

SWING PDF Converter for Notes

SWING PDF Converter natively integrates with HCL Domino (Lotus Notes), either as a toolbar add-on or as a component for developing custom applications (client-based or web-based).