Save Lotus Notes emails or documents as PDF

How do I save Lotus Notes emails or documents as PDFs?

  1. From a Lotus Notes view, select the emails or documents that will be exported and hit the PDF Converter toolbar icon.
  2. On the dialog page, select the type of PDF export and click the Create PDF button.
  3. Select the location where PDF file(s) will be saved and the PDF naming rule.
  4. Once the export is complete, hit the PDF icon in the dialog in order to open the folder which contains your PDF file(s).

With SWING PDF Converter, you can export documents or emails to separate PDF files, a compound PDF file with a bookmarks view, or a PDF package. File attachments will be embedded into the resulting PDFs, either in their native format or automatically converted to PDF format. The PDF/A option is also supported for long-term archival of Lotus Notes data.

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