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Vigilus Offers Act! for Notes CRM with Advanced Office Integration

VIGILUS hits a home run with SWING Software to help improve ACT! for Notes, a leading CRM tool. ACT! for Notes users can now easily generate complex reports and documents, based on predefined templates on demand.

July 9, 2008 – Vigilus LLC, a leading IBM Lotus Notes/Domino solution provider with consulting, training and customer relationship management (CRM) expertise announced that ACT! for Notes now integrates with Microsoft Office, powered by SWING Integrator from SWING Software. ACT! for Notes users can now easily generate complex reports and documents, based on predefined templates on demand.

ACT! for Notes is one of the leading Lotus Notes-based CRM systems with over 500,000 licenses sold since 1995 . The compact, single Lotus Notes database and apparent simplicity belies the power under the covers that it gives to users. Vigilus has created an add-on package called Advanced Features for ACT! for Notes that greatly extends the already feature-rich repertoire of ACT! for Notes.

When considering one of User’s most sought after feature, Microsoft Office integration, Vigilus turned to the experts at SWING Software and their SWING Integrator package. Vigilus embedded SWING Integrator’s powerful features into ACT! for Notes’ intuitive interface. Consequently, ACT! for Notes Users can now, quickly create complex letters, invoices, mail merge letters and labels, and Excel pivot table reports from predefined templates.

By partnering with SWING Software, Vigilus was able to leverage their expertise in Microsoft Office integration while allowing Vigilus to continue to add business driven features to ACT! for Notes.

About Vigilus

Vigilus has built a reputation as a progressive company with a solid customer–centric approach to business and a long history of providing easy to measure ROI solutions to organizations with a Lotus Notes infrastructure.

The founders of Vigilus have been involved with Lotus Notes and Domino since 1992. They have surrounded themselves with people who intuitively understand the expression “industrial strength” when it comes to providing and implementing commercial grade custom solutions. Key consultants and developers at Vigilus all have many years experience in building and managing enterprise-critical systems.

For more information please visit www.vigilus.net or email sales@vigilus.net.

About SWING Software

SWING Software develops and markets award-winning software for collaborative document management. Its market leading products for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Office systems are helping companies across 60  countries worldwide make their document production, publishing and distribution processes more efficient. For more information, visit http://swingsoftware.com.