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SWING Integrator 4 Provides Automated Document Assembly with Notes, Office, and PDF

June 1, 2004 – SWING Software today announced the availability of SWING Integrator 4 – innovative document automation software for Lotus Notes and Domino developers. SWING Integrator 4 helps developers deliver applications that automatically assemble MS Office and PDF documents, based on user-defined rules.

The new product release takes a step beyond MS Office integration. It brings document automation features for both Lotus Notes and Domino Web applications. The key new features include:

  • Dynamically assembling Word or PDF documents from existing content and data, based on business rules and predefined templates.
  • Content library – the central storage for reusable boilerplate text and graphics (e.g. standard clauses, product information, images).
  • Delivering documents as PDF.
  • Data transformations. Multivalue fields can be optionally expanded to table rows in Word and Excel, and collapsed when they are saved back to Notes.
  • Notes data analysis with MS Excel PivotTable reports and charts.

The new features open a wide range of new possibilities for application developers and their users. By utilizing SWING Integrator 4, an organization can automate document production and delivery, from one page letters to complex contracts and proposals, improving both individual and organizational productivity.

Dynamic templates with user-defined rules react to customer data – from a Lotus Notes database, or a relational database – to produce a letter that is specific to that customer and situation.

For instance, if a financial institution writes a letter to a customer, concerning an unauthorized overdraft, the SWING Integrator will assemble a letter in MS Word which incorporates not only customer data and amounts, but also the wording can be automatically adjusted according to whether the overdraft is large or small.

Furthermore, SWING Integrator provides a content library which contains reusable segments of documents that the authors may want to save for use in other documents or share with other authors. The content library serves as a central storage for reusable boilerplate content to maintain consistency and accuracy. Examples include standard clauses, company information, product images. In fact, any combination of text and graphics can be saved and reused. These reusable fragments can either be inserted manually to a Word document or automatically during document assembly.

In this way, a sales team can reduce manual repetitive tasks in creating sales proposals, by using the content library as a searchable knowledge base for RFP questions and answers. Their existing CRM or SFA solution can be extended with the proposal automation module, enabling them to use MS Word with the existing applications.

Finally, SWING Integrator 4 reduces maintenance efforts on changed documents and forms. Office template library gives users complete control of document layout and dynamic content. When it comes to changes in document layout, there is no need for a programmer to intervene. An authorized business user can use the familiar MS Office authoring tools to redesign the structure and style for business documents and reports.

SWING Integrator 4 supports Lotus Notes and Domino versions 5 and 6, and Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003. For Domino Web applications, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher is required.

Pricing and Availability

SWING Integrator 4 is now available directly from SWING Software and their business partners. A 10 users pack costs $750 (USD). There are substantial discounts on volume purchases. An evaluation copy can be requested and downloaded from the company’s website http://swingsoftware.com.