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Smooth migration of 100,000 Lotus Notes documents

Lotus Notes exportWe are always happy to hear from our customers and partners about how they have employed our tools and what benefits they achieved in the process. This time, UK based AD7 Consulting selected our PDF Converter to help one of their clients (a leading software company) migrate various IBM Lotus Notes databases to Microsoft SharePoint.

They needed to move over 100,000 historical Lotus Notes documents to the new document repository, with two priority requirements:

  • First, the Lotus Notes documents had to retain their original layouts and metadata, so they could be uploaded into SharePoint for archival purposes.
  • Second, the conversion process had to be automated and reliable.

Long story short, AD7 set up and ran several batch conversions during the course of several weekends (to avoid affecting the client’s daily operations), and within this period they successfully completed the migration of all 100,000 documents (20GB of data). The client later stated that although their IT department feared the Lotus Notes migration, it turned out that the migration was actually the smoothest part of the overall transition.

Many thanks for this success story, AD7!


Read the whole case study here or download the SWING PDF Converter trial.

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