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NCH Corporation Decommissions IBM Domino

NCH Corp decommissions IBM Domino without sacrificing access to Notes documents

The Last Domino Server at NCH

When NCH Corporation wanted to decommission legacy Lotus Notes applications, they needed to properly archive a document repository based on Lotus Notes. Eventually, the remaining Domino server would be shut down.

The document repository was no longer in use. It contained thousands of historical documents with important intellectual property data. As these documents were based on Lotus Notes forms, they had to be extracted in such way that preserved both the document content and the form layout. In addition, all document links, metadata and attachments also had to be retained for future reference.

The PDF format came as an obvious choice right from the beginning.

SWING Premium Export Services

NCH turned to SWING Software in order to automate the task of converting thousands of Notes documents. The company opted for SWING Premium Export Services, so NCH didn’t need to buy and install any additional software.

Within a week, NCH eliminated costs and risks of running the application and platform that they had decided to sunset.

Read the full case study here or learn more about SWING PDF Converter for Notes.

Key Considerations for Notes Archiving

SWING Software pays special attention to the following requirements for proper Notes/Domino archiving and application retirement:

  • Accurate document rendering
  • Context
  • Metadata

3 Keys to IBM Notes and Domino Export and Archiving

About NCH Corporation

NCH Corporation is a global leader in industrial, commercial, and institutional maintenance products and services, and one of the largest companies in the world to sell such products through direct marketing. With over 8,500 employees and manufacturing plants located on six continents, NCH Corporation’s extensive and varied product line is distributed in more than 50 countries, with continuing growth prospects.

About SWING Software

SWING Software delivers content transformation and archiving software to over 1,000 organizations worldwide. Its solutions for leading collaborative platforms are helping companies across 60 countries worldwide make their document production, publishing and archiving processes more efficient.