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SWING Integrator

Integration in Three Steps

Document Library

See how to integrate MS Word, Excel, or OpenOffice with a standard Lotus Notes application. In this tutorial, we are using the standard Doc Library template, creating an Office-enabled document library in just three steps. Let users merge Notes data with Office templates, creating well-formatted professional documents – from personalized letters to complex contracts and sales proposals.


With SWING Integrator, a Lotus Notes applications such as CRM can be easily enhanced with an advanced mail merge feature, so the personalized MS Word or OpenOffice Writer documents can be instantly faxed, emailed, or printed. In addition, standard mailing labels can be created with ease.


In this tutorial we will show how to create PDF with Lotus Notes data. Business users will be able to create and attach a PDF quotation to an email message with a single click. Although Office templates are used in the background, users see only the resulting PDF.

See Also: Direct conversion of Lotus Notes documents to PDF for sharing, archiving, or web printing: SWING PDF Converter for Lotus Notes ยป


Transform any Notes view or document collection or arrays into Excel reports and charts. Take advantage of Excel features such as PivotTables, conditional styling, and drilldown to analyze Notes data from your applications. Enable business users to create reusable report layouts. Or, edit Notes data in Excel and save them back to Notes.

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding any specific scenarios involving Office integration and reporting with Lotus Notes and Domino. SWING Integrator is #1 Lotus developers’ toolkit for Office integration.

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