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SWING Integrator for Notes

Office Integration for Lotus Notes / Domino

Integrate Microsoft Office or OpenOffice with your Lotus Notes and Domino applications, quickly and easily. SWING Integrator is a printing, reporting, and document automation solution for Lotus Notes.

Office Integration for Lotus Notes

With SWING Integrator you can:

  • Produce highly formatted documents and reports with Lotus Notes data
  • Perform mail-merge for personalized letters or mailing labels
  • Report, chart and analyze Notes data
  • Overcome any printing limitations of Lotus Notes
  • Update Lotus Notes fields from Office documents (Field Exchange)
  • Conveniently “Save to Notes” and edit attachments in-place (Notes and Web)
  • Convert documents to PDF
  • Add flexibility with do-it-yourself forms and reports

Ready for IBM LotusIntegrate familiar Office applications with your Notes and Domino solutions, and benefit from advanced document authoring, formatting, accurate printing, reporting and data analysis. Extend your solutions simply by adding new Office templates, or let authorized users do so.

Who uses it?

3M, ABB, Bank of America, British Petroleum, Caterpillar, European Patent Office, Ernst & Young, GM, IBM, ICRC, OKI, Siemens, UN, Westinghouse… and 1,000+ other companies across 60 countries.

Solve your specific problem

Whether you need to print personalized letters, create multi-page sales proposals or contracts, calculate prices and send quotations from your CRM application, or produce reports from Lotus Notes – you can let SWING Integrator do all the heavy-lifting for you.

For assistance in planning, creating and configuring your specific templates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What makes SWING Integrator unique:

  • Rapid integration – SWING Integrator integrates MS Word or Excel, or OpenOffice into any Notes application with a single line of code
  • No separate installationNo separate installation – Just plug it into your NSF, using the Setup Wizard. Copy or replicate with your databases.
  • Flexibility – For Developers: Open design elements and comprehensive API for easy customization and localization. For Users: Add business forms and reports, and bind them to Notes data without programming.
  • Advanced document automation – Automatically assemble Word or PDF documents, from one-page letters to complex proposals; reuse text fragments and graphics from content library; use optional field transformations and more.
  • Flexible licensing – Take advantage of flexible licensing, including royalty-free OEM licensing and full source code options.
  • Notes and Domino Web apps – SWING Integrator helps you develop applications for the Lotus Notes client, as well as Domino Web applications.
  • Proven solution – SWING Integrator is the integration tool of choice for thousands of Lotus Notes developers, across 60 countries worldwide.


Ready to learn more?

Review the Usage Scenarios section where we describe some real-life samples. You can also check out the Customer Success Stories. Or, get first-hand experience:

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