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OpenOffice Integration for Lotus Notes

SWING Integrator

SWING Integrator has introduced support for the OpenOffice.org productivity suite. Now you can add OpenOffice Writer and Calc templates to your databases, in order to create documents, spreadsheets and mailing labels with Notes data.

Key features:

  • Produce highly formatted documents with Notes data
  • Carefree in-place editing of OpenOffice attachments
  • Update Notes fields from OpenOffice documents (Field Exchange)
  • Create and deliver documents as PDFs (e.g. invoices)
  • Mail merge letters and labels

Seamless integration

Once SWING Integrator has been plugged into your database, it is seamlessly integrated within it, becoming totally transparent to end-users. No third-party product installation is needed, and users are unaware of any additional component.

Customization and localization

SWING Integrator provides you open design elements for easy customization and localization using Domino Designer. Its look-and-feel can be adjusted to individual preferences, or changed to comply with any application standards.


Developer benefits

SWING Integrator helps developers avoid falling short of user expectations, and to deliver on time.

Business benefits

For business organizations, SWING Integrator is the ultimate answer to the following questions:

  • How do we make the document creation and delivery process most efficient?
  • How can we ensure consistency and accuracy across all business documents?
  • How do we integrate our workflow applications with our document authoring tools?
  • Do we really need to rely on a programmer’s intervention every time when our forms and report layouts need change?

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