Integrate Microsoft Office with your HCL Notes and Domino applications, quickly and easily

Create Office documents with Notes data

SWING Integrator enables you to produce highly formatted, professional documents with Notes data in Microsoft Office. From a Notes form or view, the user selects an Office template, and SWING Integrator populates the document fields and properties with corresponding Notes data, according to the Template Setup document. Multivalue fields can be optionally expanded into multiple table rows in Word and Excel.

Report and analyze Notes data

Transform any Notes view or document collection into Excel reports and charts. Take advantage of advanced features in Excel such as PivotTables, conditional styling, and drilldown to analyze Notes data from your applications. Enable business users to create reusable report layouts.
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Automatically assemble documents

SWING Integrator dynamically assembles Word documents using Notes data and user-defined rules that dictate when certain text and graphics are to be included or excluded. The dynamic templates with user-defined rules react to customer data to produce a letter specific to that customer and situation. This way document production can be automated in applications, from one-page letters to complex contracts and sales proposals.

Reuse text fragments and graphics from content library

Enable business users to save reusable content such as standard clauses, product information, legal statements, and any other combinations of text and graphics to the Integrator’s Content Library.

These reusable fragments can either be inserted manually to a Word document while it is being edited, or template authors can create templates with dynamic inserts, so the documents automatically include certain reusable content.

Mail merge letters and labels

Easily merge a Microsoft Word template with contact data from your contact management database in Notes. Print serial letters and mailing labels.