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Premium Export Services

  • Retire your legacy Notes/Domino applications 
  • Decommission Domino servers (or keep them lean and efficient) 
  • Cut system maintenance and license costs 
  • Preserve application data (views, documents and metadata)
  • Enable browser-based access to the archive 


  • No installation or deployment overhead 
  • No troubleshooting delays 
  • No upfront license costs 
  • Precise time to completion

Depending on your preference, the export may be performed remotely (in which case you will need to provide us with a remote desktop access to your server or workstation) or you can send your databases to us by FTP or courier mail and we’ll process them on our site.

Lotus Notes Data Archiving Services

Do you need a one-off export from Lotus Notes databases? Don’t want to purchase a software license? Running an ancient version of Lotus Notes? Let us run the export for you!