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Does your company have a simple way to publish and maintain internal documentation, such as policies and procedures, training manuals, job descriptions, and product specifications?

How to Use Lotus Domino to Publish Policies and Procedures Online

For IBM Lotus professionals, using Domino for publishing internal documentation may be an obvious choice. Still, lots of Lotus shops do not have a simple way to publish and maintain their standard operating policies and procedures manuals, work instructions, disaster recovery plans, and other critical documents.

If you are wondering whether IBM Lotus Domino is a right choice for publishing and managing online documentation, read this white paper. It contains helpful tips and suggestions, and includes common mistakes your organization will want to avoid.

Topics addressed in this white paper include:

  • Key warnings that indicate if your document publishing system is not appropriate
  • “End-to-end” content management systems vs. agile solutions: the hard data
  • Common scenarios at Lotus Notes/Domino shops. How much do you need to spend?
  • The publishing dilemma: existing authoring tools vs. new publishing system
  • How to achieve user adoption
  • Seven tips for publishing documentation online

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