Usage Scenarios

SWING DocPublisher

Online documentation is no longer nice to have but rather essential to all organizations. In some areas more than others, having current, easily updatable online documentation is critical.

Regulatory Compliance

The business world is becoming more regulated. There is increasing pressure to comply with numerous regulations from Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, the USA Patriot Act, the Anti-Money Laundering Act, and SEC rules to Six Sigma and ISO 9000. Whether these standards are legally enforced or best industry practice, they all make document distribution practices more critical.

SWING DocPublisher simplifies managing and publishing of policies, procedures and compliance guidelines to corporate intranets. It supports entire policy & procedure life cycle: definition, review, approval, publishing, notifications, reading confirmations (policy sign-offs), user feedback, expiration, new revisions and archiving.

IT Policies

For IT professionals, DocPublisher can serve as a web-based library of IT policies and best practices, helping the organization adhere to standards for IT governance such as COBIT, ITIL, and ISO 27001/17799.

It is essential that current IT policies are available to all users. SWING DocPublisher enables IT Managers to publish existing documents online, and update them on a regular basis. What’s more, IT Managers may require users to read a policy and sign-off acknowledging they have read and understood the policy. DocPublisher makes it easy to notify users, collect their sign-offs, and track the whole process.

Human Resources

By using SWING DocPublisher, a HR department can inform employees immediately of new benefits information or new policies. Examples of online documentation include Employee handbooks, Training manuals, Government regulations, HR forms and more.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Because companies are increasingly thinking about business continuity and disaster recovery plans, IT managers are expected to provide a robust and accurate system of distributing such documentation.

Web-based distribution and easy navigation through documentation make SWING DocPublisher a highly intuitive and easy to use tool to create and manage BCP & DR Plans.

Knowledge Bases and FAQs

This information provides immediate answers to the sales or technical staff. If published on the Internet, it becomes a valuable resource for customers and partners, and ultimately reduces support and operational costs.

Call Centers

Call center scripts should be published on an intranet so that they can be easily followed by representatives who regularly interact with customers. The questions and topics are hyperlinked, and they guide representatives through the correct sequence of steps.

Keeping Remote Office Workers Informed

Instead of sending documents to remote locations by email (not to mention hard copies), organizations can post important information on their corporate intranet and instantly notify all people about the latest updates. New procedures, forms and other critical information are instantly available throughout the organization, ensuring that all employees are on the same page.

Project Teams

Existing shared folders can be a good place for project documentation to some extent. However, a web-based document library with versioning and robust security, in a browser-readable format with tree-view navigation and search, is something that can really boost your team productivity.

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