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Document Publishing – Top 10 Signs

SWING DocPublisher

Email, shared folders, document attachments, hard copies… If you use any of these to distribute company manuals, it might be the first sign that you need Document Publishing software for e-manuals.

Top 10 Signs You Need Document Publishing Software:

  1. You deal with increasing number of policies, procedures, standards and how-to documentation.

  2. You use any of these to distribute company manuals: email, shared folders, document attachments, or hard copies.

  3. You need to know if employees are actually reading policies and procedures (or your organization demands policy sign-offs).

  4. It takes hours or even days to deliver new revisions to all parts of your organization.

  5. Your intranet is just a webified shared folder where documents are uploaded, and have to be downloaded for reading.

  6. You cannot say if some obsolete copies are still somewhere on local disks, so some people rely on old documents and outdated instructions.

  7. You rely on intranet administrators (or other IT guys) to replace old versions with new ones.

  8. You need to separate drafts and work in progress from published content.

  9. You need to keep track of old versions of documents.

  10. Document authors prefer their familiar authoring tools, such as Microsoft Word, while readers increasingly expect real Web pages with cross-links, fast search and easy navigation.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you may find interesting a Lotus Domino-based solution: SWING DocPublisher. We encourage you to take a test drive. It is great way to experience the application firsthand and see exactly how it can be applied to your business.

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