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SWING DocPublisher

Policy and Procedure Management

From Word documents to e-manuals in seconds: DocPublisher is a central place for company Policies & Procedures and other standard documentation for all departments.

With SWING DocPublisher you can:

  • Publish and maintain Policies and Procedures, and other company manuals, using only a web browser and MS Word.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Distribute documentation and collect sign-offs.
  • Support your customers or your team with online FAQs, product information, instructions and training materials.
  • Create a company intranet, or integrate your online manuals into existing one.

Key reasons for SWING DocPublisher

  • It’s all about user adoption – Company manuals are supposed to help your organization cope with business complexity and risks. The trouble is that common documentation practices and tools fall short of business needs. The result: lack of user adoption.
  • Word to Web – Unlike a traditional document library, DocPublisher automatically converts MS Word documents into web pages. It allows users to create and update e-manuals with their familiar authoring tool – Microsoft Word. Readers need only web browsers.
  • As simple as wiki – As robust as DMS – While SWING DocPublisher greatly simplifies the publication process, it still provides a high degree of control and security. Its document management features include version control, user permissions, audit trail, workflow routing – all via a web browser.
  • Get everyone on the same page – With SWING DocPublisher you can be sure that everyone has current versions of documents at hand. DocPublisher provides notifications, RSS feeds, regular review reminders, and document expirations. Mobile users can replicate libraries to their laptops for offline use.
  • “I have read the document” – Your organization may require employees to read a document and sign-off acknowledging they have read and understood the document. DocPublisher makes it easy to notify users, collect their sign-offs, and track the whole process.
  • It supports Your specific standards – You can quickly add custom fields, document properties, categories and views to organize documentation according to your specific standards or regulatory requirements such as ISO 9000, SOX, PCI DSS, OSHA, HIPAA.
  • No risk of lock-in – Concerned about locking in to a proprietary system? No worries – you can easily export the entire or any part of your DocPublisher libraries to disk, into the folder tree with Word documents, making the transition from DocPublisher to any other system as easy as possible.

Publish and manage online: IT Policy manuals, Standard operating procedures (SOP), Work instructions, Training materials, HR and Corporate Communications, Code of Ethics, Call center scripts, Safety regulations, Product specifications, Knowledge bases, Quality manuals, Technical documentation, Business continuity and Disaster recovery plans, FAQ, Best practices, Compliance guidelines, Employee handbooks, Job descriptions, Checklists, Printable forms with usage instructions. See the “Usage Scenarios” section.

IBM Domino

For IBM Domino professionals, using Domino for publishing internal documentation may be an obvious choice. Still, lots of Domino shops do not have a simple way to publish, track sign-offs, and maintain their standard documentation. DocPublisher for IBM Domino makes this process a snap, just by using Microsoft Word (for authors) and Web browser (for all other users).

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