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What’s New

SWING DocPublisher

The new release of SWING DocPublisher improves the way companies organize, distribute and maintain their documentation online.

The key new features in v4.5 include:

  • Reading Confirmation. An organization may require employees to read a document and sign-off acknowledging they have read and understood the document. DocPublisher makes it easy to notify users, collect their sign-offs, and track the whole process.

New features in v4.0:

  • Folder-level permissions
  • HTML editor (in addition to Word)
  • Dynamic Navigation Tree with “type ahead” search
  • Authoring section: List of documents and subfolders
  • Batch publishing or routing
  • Effective Date (Publish immediately OR on Effective Date)
  • Manage all users inside the application (incl. Readers)
  • User selection dialog: lookup to LDAP directories
  • Export view to .csv
  • Manual archiving (new Archive button)
  • Improved history: links to attachments and properties
  • Custom property types Date and Users
  • Word 2007 .docx supported
  • Workflow guidelines (user-defined text accompanying the routing form)
  • Other improvements

New features in v3.0:

  • PDF conversion. It is now possible to save copies of some or all documents in PDF format. You can allow users to view, download and print PDF copies of documents and forms. The conversion is fully integrated into the publishing process, and no additional software is required to convert documents to PDF.
  • Search by any property (in addition to full text search).
  • Color schemes. Predefined and customizable color schemes which enable users to adjust the look and feel of DocPublisher to match their corporate visual identity.
  • Property choices (drop-down list boxes or checkboxes) can be defined by Notes formulas.
  • Improved sort for folder-based views. It is now possible to sort (ascending or descending) folder based views by any document property (custom or built-in).
  • Improved Select Names Dialog.

New features in v2.0:

  • Custom categories and properties (metadata), plus custom views. This provides means of classifying and browsing documents in the library according to taxonomies that differ from the one implied by the folder structure.
  • Outline promotion. When a Word document is being published, its outline view can be promoted to the navigation frame for easier navigation throughout the document.
  • Property promotion. Data exchange between Word document properties and DocPublisher document properties.
  • Workflow routing, including email notifications in the edit/review/approval process.
  • Document history with audit trail.
  • RSS-based subscription to new or updated documents.
  • Separate headers/footers for display and print.
  • Bulk export. Companies can easily export the entire or any part of their DocPublisher libraries to disk, making the transition from DocPublisher to any other system as easy as possible. As a result, the risk of product lock-in has been removed.
  • Usability improvements (AJAX-based).