Learn more about SWING DocPublisher features:

Editing and Updating

MS Word integration

DocPublisher automatically converts Word documents to web pages and keeps original Word files for future updates. Business professionals can easily create and publish content without learning new skills. View a 20-second demo: Drag-and-drop.

Document templates

Centralized document templates enforce consistency and save time. Templates can define format and style for certain types of documents. You can also include headers and footers with placeholders for document properties.

Related topics

Effortlessly add references to other topics and they will be converted to hyperlinks. When new versions replace the existing ones, the links will not be broken.

Additional files

Attach additional files to any topic. For example, if a standard procedure or work instruction references to any additional file – a printable form, template, or spreadsheet – it will be instantly available via a hyperlink. View a short demonstration of this feature.

Custom properties (metadata)

Add new properties and categories (tags) to documents to suit the specific way your company classifies its documents.

Property promotion

When user imports a Word document, properties from the Word document are copied to the library, provided that properties with corresponding names exist in the library. When user edits a document in Word, properties from DocPublisher are copied to the Word document.

Text Editor

In addition to Microsoft Word, you can add topics to the library by using the integrated visual editor.

Publishing, Distribution and Reading Confirmation

Instant publishing

Document publishing does not require any technical skills. A content manager can simply click on the Publish button to put a document online, in a browser-readable format.


Content managers are allowed to withdraw a published document back to draft status.

New revisions

This action opens a new instance of a document, so authors can update the document in Word. There is no need to bother with file downloading and uploading. Depending on user’s permissions, the new revision can be published immediately, or submitted for review/approval. View a short demonstration.

Email notification lists

Users whose job is affected by certain policy or procedure will be instantly notified on updates.

Reading sign-off

An organization may require employees to read a document and sign-off acknowledging they have read and understood the document. DocPublisher notifies users, collects their sign-offs, and tracks the whole process.

RSS feeds

Broadcast all changes in the document library over RSS feed so they can be tracked in any RSS reader.

Users’ feedback

The system routes users’ comments and questions directly to document owners.

Offline libraries

Authorized users can replicate the library to their laptops for offline use.

Explorer-like navigation

The navigation frame contains a tree-view table of contents.

Folder hierarchy

Organize your folders to ensure easy access by authorized users. Reorder files inside folders (drag-and-drop), or have them sorted by title, for instance.

Custom views

Classify and browse documents in the library according to taxonomies that differ from the one implied by the original folder structure. Create folder-based, categorized or flat views within your browser, in minutes.

Outline promotion

When a Word document is being published, its outline view (the headings structure) can be promoted to the navigation frame for easier navigation throughout the document.


Allow users to view, download and print PDF copies of documents and forms. The conversion to PDF is fully integrated into the publishing process, and no additional software is required.

Recently updated documents

One-click access to new and recently updated documents.

Full text search

Find any information using basic or advanced search options. Search by document properties, in addition to the full text search. Search results are preserved while you are navigating through the library.

Type-ahead search

Type several characters in the navigation frame to navigate to any title.


Take advantage of quick navigation with related topics, links to attached files and to other applications.

Custom Headers and Footers

Choose a pair of predefined headers and footers, modify them, or create your own. Topic headers and footers can include document properties and actions such as navigation (Previous topic, Next topic, Home), Print, Attachments, Related topics, Feedback and more.

Company identity

You can choose a color scheme (predefined or custom) that reflects your company visual identity. You can also add a logo or graphic to the frameset header (see how).


Readers can access published documentation online, using only a convenient web browser, on any platform.

Document Management

Document version control

Control of document life cycle: creation, review and approval, publishing, archiving, new revisions. While users are working on a new revision of a document, its published version remains unchanged. Once the new version is published, the previous version is automatically archived.

Workflow routing

Authors can easily send documents to others for edit / review / approval before publishing (see how). You can also define custom draft stages to comply with any specific internal process. Or, keep it simple with 1-click publishing.


Grant user permissions at the library, folder and document levels. It is always clear who can read, who can edit, and who can approve and publish a document.

Document locking

When user opens a draft for editing, it is automatically locked in the library. While he or she is working on the draft, other users can view it, but they cannot make changes to it.

Audit trail

Audit trail tracking provides chronological history of all updates. Descriptions of changes and review comments are also tracked and made a part of the document’s history.

Document owners

You can assign a person who will be responsible for each document. Users’ feedback on a document will be automatically routed to the corresponding document owner.


Set an expiry date for a document and it will be automatically withdrawn from readers’ view on that date.

Periodic reviews

Enforce regular reviews for selected documents. For example, once a year the system can notify the person responsible for the document and remind him or her that it is time to make an update.

Archiving and version rollback

When a new version of a document is approved and published, the previous version is automatically archived and stored for future reference. It is easy to rollback to previous versions if necessary.


You can easily export the entire or any part of your document library to disk, making the transition from DocPublisher to any other system as easy as possible. As a result, the risk of lock-in has been removed.

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