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Seascape provided a web solution similar to the user’s experience in Lotus Notes. The Lotus Notes categorized views are transformed as is. The forms, embedded views, and doclinks are sustained. Diane JacksonO-I Glass, Inc.

We have used SWING Seascape to archive over 100 Notes applications with a wide range of sizes and complexities. The product worked exceptionally well and made the archival process far easier than what other service providers had initially suggested.
The extraction user interface and data extraction process is very intuitive and can be performed without requiring intimate knowledge of the Notes database. The Seascape product allows a great amount of flexibility in its configuration, but out of the box, it just works. The interface to the archived data is fantastic, it imitates the navigation aspects of the Notes interface amazingly well considering the variety and varying degree of complexity in Notes applications. Application AnalystGovernment Administration

SWING Seascape is the best solution for my Lotus Notes archive project. My users like to use the new document navigator tool. I’m very satisfied with this new product. Daniel PelletierTELUS

When it comes to PDF documents with the legal weight of invoices, consistency in format is more than just a question of look and feel—neglecting this can have real consequences. SWING PDF Converter for Notes ensures that our PDF documents are accurate and professional every time. Eric HouvenaghelCEO, Ytria

We were planning to migrate from IBM Domino to Office 365 for our email solution. The problem we faced however, was how we would migrate or convert the existing 50+ IBM Domino applications that we held. We chose SWING Seascape after testing and converting one of our smaller databases. The simplicity of installing the product and converting a database was very intuitive. We also were impressed with the aesthetically pleasing layout of the conversion and with out how it handled the conversion speed wise. Cameron HyndRenfrewshire Valuation Joint Board

It is rare for me to have employees come up to me and praise a product, which is exactly what happened with SWING PDF Converter. Our employees’ enthusiasm was evident even during the initial deployment phase, and so a decision was quickly made to acquire more user licenses for PDF Converter. Werner Meyer zu ErmgassenGesamtmetall

When faced with the challenge of having to convert tens of thousands of documents for archival purposes, we were THRILLED to find SWING PDF Converter. Michele KeizerNorthbridge Insurance

I would definitely recommend this solution [SWING PDF Converter] to anyone looking for a good way to get intact docs out of Lotus Notes!
Molley BurgoAEP

The ability to batch process and schedule document migrations, and the ability to export Notes fields to XML files proved very beneficial and helped automate the entire migration process.
Adam TarverTechnical Director, AD7 Consulting

I had a customer with a specific data discovery requirement from Lotus Notes email databases. I was able to take the search results desired and very easily deliver them in PDF form due to your excellent product. Rarely have I seen a tool so easily implemented and used. It was exactly what I needed. Kudos to SWING Software.
John Albery

The program worked flawlessly for us saving us 100’s of hours of labor converting a Lotus Notes database to PDF’s in a matter of minutes. We were able to get the service documentation out to our field techs in days instead of 6 months. Saving us valuable time and showing our customers that their service needs are our top priority.
Jason ShepherdCES

Even though we are moving to a different platform there was a lot of reluctance to let go of our existing Notes applications. With PDF Converter we were able to provide folders containing .pdf renderings of our Notes documents, and all of the embedded links could be opened directly from within the document. Providing this service to our user community has enabled us to move much more quickly in our retirement of Notes. The product is very flexible and easy to use. The tech support team (when needed) is quick to respond and generally spot on with their solutions.
Michael PattersonArizona Chemical Company, LLC

We benchmarked this application to others out there in the market and the SWING PDF Converter software is by far the best solution. Especially the variety of naming conventions and the reliability of the technical support are unique selling points for this software. Great app!
Dr. Michael Jacquorie, President and Chief Operating OfficerSCHOTT Solar CSP, Inc.

I had to move several applications to .PDF files as the customer was moving away from Notes and needed an archive. Using the fine examples, I was able to script agents to perform as I needed.
Damian DuBos, CLPVirtual Consulting

The product worked great. I was able to export tens of thousands of Notes documents into PDF files. I think this is the best tool out there that can select multiple Notes documents for exporting to PDF’s with a couple of clicks. I selected your tool because many of the tools out just weren’t easy to operate and didn’t have the flexibility and the customization options. Keep up the good work.
Sean LamEMD Millipore

[The primary benefit:] Allowing our users to retrieve detailed information regarding specific email communication without it needing to be contained within the email system.
Duane StenbergManager, Enterprise Messaging, Mohawk Industries

Since we are moving away from the Lotus Notes platform, we needed a tool to get content that we wanted to safeguard, packaged in an easy but solid way. SWING PDF Converter provided the means to do that whilst keeping content as rich as possible.
Ton BoertienPhilips

SWING PDF Converter is absolutely the best product to move Lotus Notes (client or web) documents to PDF files that include the original attachments. When I was given the enormous task of converting several 100 legacy Notes applications with 50,000 plus documents in each one I googled the forums to find snippets of code to get me started writing Lotus Script for this process. Nothing worked to move the data with attachments from Notes. I tried Word with links to attachments, Adobe to create PDF files, PDF printers and everything that said they could create PDFs. I got a few things to work but nothing took the attachments. I reviewed everything out there, downloaded PDF printers and other tools that said they could do this task.
Then I researched SWING PDF converter. It was so easy. It can be given to the end-user who can select documents, click on a button and a PDF package is created. And let me explain the PDF package/portfolio is what the end-users are looking for because it is just like a view in Lotus Notes. You can also use the API for the very large database that will build folders that follow your categorized view structure and then drop a PDF file per document into the folder.
A Fortune 500 Company

The SWING PDF Converter installed into the Lotus toolbar and with the click of the icon, the current email is saved into a pdf. It also saves and allows access to attachments within the PDF document and save multiple emails into a single document which is handy for projects. Thanks Swing Software for a product well done. Swing PDF Converter will be a must-have for anyone working in a Lotus environment.
Stephen SwalesUSS

My team has been working on various [Notes to PDF] solutions for several years now. The new SWING Converter seems to be the easiest and best 3rd party tool we’ve seen. Your fidelity is even better then our [previous solution].
A Fortune 500 Consulting Company

We were unable to find any products that even came close to yours [SWING PDF Converter]. It has cut down the work time greatly. Just keep supporting it. The support has been great.
Denise HaynesXTO Energy

We are using SWING PDF Converter along with DocKit to migrate Notes databases to SharePoint. Very quick and easy. Create an export view with the applicable data and it creates the PDF(s) while keeping the attachments intact. Allows you to use existing field data to name the PDF’s.
We searched a long time and this is the best, easiest and most cost effective tool to migrate Notes data. Wonderful product I would definitely recommend.
Ronald SorrellJack in the Box Inc.

SWING PDF Converter enables users to save emails and documents outside their mailboxes with point and click ease of use.
Emily Georg-SmithPortfolio Manager, Aon

SWING PDF Converter is a strange product because it does exactly what it says it will do and using it and programming to it are simple. I had a major problem with legacy data that need to be searchable outside of Notes. This product saved me many hours trying to program PDF creation and the ease of programmability of the product allowed me to easily automate the entire process. It is rare that I am so happy with an add-on product and I would highly recommend it.
Joe SzyszkaKTL Data Automation

With DocPublisher we can now search and find anything by just using 1 or 2 keywords. It has made our web extremely user-friendly. We have received numerous positive feedback from pharmacy and hospital staff.
Candice VidalPharmacy Information Analyst, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Region

We are using Lotus Notes in several versions and OpenOffice.org. We have decided to use the Swing Integrator from Swing Software and I can only recommend this solution.
Leif LodahlSymfoni Software (in Lodahl’s blog)

Vigilus worked side-by-side with Pentair Water to develop a customized component powered by SWING integrator within ACT! for Notes. The solution not only helped our Sales staff with the collection of unique customer data but seamlessly utilized many of the standard features and benefits of the software. The result was greater visibility into sales opportunities, reduced reporting time and ongoing analysis of our growth targets.
Patrick DupiesRegional Sales Manager, Pentair Water

SWING DocPublisher is simply awesome! It has allowed us to make tremendous strides in bringing our document and communication driven organization into this century. With DocPublisher, all the information is just a few clicks away. It is priceless.
Bill MongeauBrunswick Bowling & Billiards

The time to generate one type of proposal has gone from 30 minutes down to less than 5 minutes. I wish I would have adopted the product [SWING Integrator] sooner.
Steve BarefootCIO, Environmental Risk Management, Inc.

We needed a method to create and distribute via the web our IT policies and procedures to our campus community… That’s when I saw SWING DocPublisher. It was just what we needed.
Jeff BarnesQueens College, City University of New York

We have implemented SWING Integrator code in our invoicing applications and it is working great. I appreciate how flexible the code is and easy to update.
Erick KapamasVanderbilt University Medical Center

The installation and setup [of DocPublisher] was great – had it running in just a few minutes. There haven’t been any questions or problems – which is also great! We are in the process of moving our procedures and policies to the product and expect to have them available at the end of the month.
Brian RandleFounders Group, Inc.

Focusing more and more on Domino-based web development, we also needed a tool which would allow our users to print to highly formatted forms nicely via a browser. The SWING Integrator for Web does an excellent job in this respect… [The product’s openness] allows us to tweak and tune the behavior of the toolkit, especially with the choice of available templates.
Klaas van der GaliënIDEAX B.V.

We have developed some [DocPublisher] folders for one of our departments with offices in various places has loved being able to go to one place to see the progress and final results of a project. DocPublisher is earning high praise around our company. Thanks for all your support in helping to get it up, secure, and running!
Nancy CoxGeorge K. Baum & Company

The concept of an online policy and procedure manual has intrigued me for some time, and I actually tried a competitor’s Windows based product, but it was cumbersome and difficult to manage. I have been in the process of converting our policies to online and have been impressed with the ease of use and speed with which I am able to upload and modify these documents. The automatic archival process is also of significant value to our health center. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, it is important that we maximize efficiency and minimize cost, and your product has helped us to attain both of these goals. Thank you again for helping us to bring our policies online in an efficient manner.
Thomas D. RoseD.M.D., Family Christian Health Center

The installation of DocPublisher took only a few minutes. It does what was promised. In general: Great tool!
Roland ChapmanIBM World Trade Corporation

After a couple of days using the InOffice, it became an irreplaceable add-on for my Notes client. InOffice’s ease of use makes it a tool that any user can learn to become productive with virtually no training.
Doc HowellIT Director, North Carolina State Ports Authority

SWING is working great, and has received rave reviews. Thank you for your help in making this project a success.
John SchrothTechnology Director, Strongsville City Schools

We chunked CR for SWING Integrator which is a lot cheaper, far better, and allows you to use MS-Word and Excel to generate reports instead. Best part is the user does not need to install a CR client and they don’t have to set up ODBC to use it. Swing Integrator is added to a Notes database and is available to all users if you so choose to allow it. Then, it is so easy to use that even the users can create their own reports in Word or Excel and map the data to a Notes document using the SWING Integrator template form. Users can also create reports from views by using the mail merge functionality of MS-Word, and SWING Integrator even allows two-way updates through field exchange – from Notes to Word, and from Word to Notes. It only takes about an hour or so for a developer to add the SI elements to a Notes database. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
Mike GranthamSr. Lotus Notes Developer, L3 Integrated Systems

Two things make a good software: its simplicity to use and – at least as important! – a helpful support. SWING Software and their product InOffice assure both aspects in a way that is without equal. Users with Helvetas understood how to use the product within minutes. And I have hardly ever run into such an attentive and swift team as SWING Software is.
Marc SteinlinHelvetas – Swiss Association for International Cooperation

I have used Lotus Notes for 3 years and always looked for the perfect product to convert my schedule and address book into a usable format. I tried at least 6 other products before finding SWING InOffice. From the moment I installed the software I was thrilled with the results. In 3 clicks I was able to export all the fields of my address book into Excel and also export them directly into a label format. After conducting such a long search, I consider this a miracle product!
Diane HansonMajor Account Project Manager

I have been working with SWING InOffice pretty steadily for the past few weeks and am quite impressed with its functionality. It is a marked improvement over the export option available through Notes.
Joe LimanowskiAmerican Modern Insurance Group

The SWING Integrator software is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Since we purchased the software we have used it in several other databases with the same great results. We have used it to allow Notes to easily print labels, produce Excel charts and print Purchase Orders. SWING Integrator has saved us time and given us the professional results we wanted. I can not say enough good things about the product. Also, the SWING technical support team is excellent, answering all my questions in a very timely manner.
Andy PisanoSupelco / Sigma-Aldrich

After making an in-depth analysis of the products on the market claiming to meet my needs and by conducting some evaluation with the products, I was extremely happy with SWING’s functionality and realized that SWING was the way to go and perfect for this application.
Fredric BerlingBeijer Electronics

I’ve been in Notes development for almost 6 years now and I’ve seen many companies where Office and Notes integration was a big problem. I can say that I found a neat way of dealing with these issues and I can’t see any customer say no to a product like SWING Integrator. I was really impressed with the ease of use of SWING Integrator and that’s a big plus because the other Notes developer we have is a junior-intermediate programmer and he’ll be able to easily integrate SWING into Notes applications.
Benoit Dubuc

We are implementing front office task tracking and document workflow for the Chief of Naval Operation, US Navy and have finally found a tool that integrates MS Office and the Web as they should be. Swing Integrator has shaved months off development and will answer a basic need in the Domino development world we and our clients have asked for for well over a year. The basic ability to edit documents in place on web forms is a necessity in today’s world, and Swing has answered this call with a tool that will save us enormous time and money. I cannot wait to integrate all features of the product in the near future.
Doug Garnett-DeakinCTO X.Systems, Inc. Federal

We have been a Lotus Notes application development company for 8 years and we had the need to fully integrate Microsoft Word and Excel into client management applications for several clients. After much research we decided to use SWING Software’s Integrator as our solution and are very pleased. It provides all the functionality we desired for field exchange and mail merges but of equal importance to us is the outstanding technical support we receive.
As with any complicated integration process getting various versions of several different software applications to work together can be problematic. In every case, when I contact SWING they respond very quickly and with numerous knowledgeable suggestions as to how to resolve the integration issues I was facing. This allows me to provided highly functional business applications to my clients in a timely manner and solve any support issues they uncover quickly. I wish other application providers had the same level of expertise and commitment to technical support that SWING does. It is a pleasure working with everyone at SWING and I have and continue to recommend SWING Software to all my Notes development associates.
Russel BooneFinancial Systems Consulting

SWING provides great functionality for integrating Notes and Office that’s easy to use. Technical support is outstanding. And not the least – SWING offers excellent value for money!
Martin DaviesVerix Business Services Ltd

SWING Integrator is an excellent tool to provide users with the ability to work with Domino data in an application like Excel or Word without long development cycles, complicated coding or the need to install DLL’s or other executables on the users PC.
Lotus Notes Power Users can easily add new templates to add totally new functionality to a Notes application. For the programmer, just call the functions from the code libraries to add really cool features to the Domino application that MS Office users will really love to use. I found Swings technical support to be very responsive. Also an important note is that the source code is available for purchase, which ensures the long-term ability to support your applications.
Lloyd MerithewSiemens Medical Solutions USA

The SWING Integrator was definitely the only solution that could easily be integrated with IT Factory and help us out of our problems.
Jan-Eirik NilsskogAS Anlegg

We have been waiting for the latest release of SWING Integrator for a few months now. It has definitely been worth the wait. It has all the new features we were hoping for (managing Office documents on the Web) as well as exceeding our expectations. The ability to export a view to an Excel chart is something that I can see will be very useful in the future. It will take some time to make use of all the features of the software because some of them were just not thought of as being possible in Notes. We will be able to majorly enhance many of our corporate databases with these new functions.
I would also like to point out that when we heard that SWING Integrator was going to be Web enabled, we had no idea how close to the Lotus Notes client version it would be. It is very reassuring to see both the Notes client and Web interface working identically. This means less training (and confusion) for our staff.
Zak KarachiwalaJohn Holland Pty Ltd

For quite a long time, we have been looking for a solution that integrates MS Word into our Lotus Notes applications in a simple, but effective manner. After evaluating several alternatives, we came to the conclusion that SWING Integrator is the only one we have found which satisfies both those requirements.
We have integrated your product into our office management solution to begin with and we are looking to extend the same functionality to our other product offerings such as Sales & Marketing solutions.
The primary benefit for us has been tremendous savings in development time, thereby allowing us to focus on the core (business) functionality of our product. Also, we very much like your licensing policy which is simple to understand and represents excellent value for money.
I must compliment you on the competence and friendliness of your staff. The few (minor) initial problems we had were dealt with promptly and efficiently each time.
Kenneth FondersonCEO, XPert-Ease B.V.

With the SWING Software solution, we have the right mix of every need for near any kind of use of the documents, with a standardized template database managed from a central location and getting customer data from a general database. In a few words, now we have documents, before only files.
Dario GnaccariniVP Marketing, C.D.H. srl

I found SWING Integrator for Notes&Office to be non intrusive, easy to implement and working well. The fact that it does not use any DLLs and does not need end-user license is a major advantage. As a bonus, I have received excellent and prompt support from the guys at SWING Software. They went out of their way to help me get my application going even though the problem was not directly related to their software.
Michel RouxMultiprogramming Pty Ltd.

SWING Integrator is an invaluable tool that has helped our organization deliver full functioning Contact Management and Electronic Invoicing applications for our customer base. We are currently evaluating its use in an eLearning solution where we plan to use Word documents to capture the course content… These guys know how to build powerful software that is rock solid and easy to implement. It has saved us countless development hours, and allowed us to pass that value onto our customers.
Burke AllenNovoLogic, Inc.

It’s rare to find a product that will integrate into existing code as easily as the SWING Software product. Our developers and end users have had nothing but success working with the Swing product. We are especially impressed with the support. Numerous solutions have been provided to help extend the functionality of our existing product line thanks to the Swing support team. We feel that we have saved a great deal of valuable programming time by implementing this solution. Thanks again for a great product!
Stuart AveraDirector of Development, Knowledge Concepts, Inc.

I was struggling to find a way to integrate the Microsoft Office files with Lotus Notes, until I found this software: Swing Integrator! The software works great! It helped me bring the Lotus Notes/Domino application to the next level. Most important of all, the Tech Support that I got from Swing Software was GREAT! Their support was FAST, ACCURATE, and very HELPFUL. I’m glad that I chose Swing Integrator and I don’t regret recommending this software to my clients and business partners.
Yoshi KurokawaI.T.A., Inc.

Overall I have found your product to provide an excellent integration tool for a very low price.
Jeff HopperTXU Communications

I have been using the SWING Integrator for about a month now to create a CRM solution for our company. The software has helped me include Sales Forecasting and Mail Shots which has become an invaluable tool saving us an otherwise vast amount of development time. As I am not a full time Notes Developer I needed a tool that was reasonably easy to use and it certainly was that.
Richard ScaplehornGlobal IT Manager, XN Corporation Ltd.