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Case Study: Vigilus and Pentair Water


Users are able to produce highly formatted documents, report and analyze using Excel, create and e-mail PDF documents, and dynamically assemble contracts, proposals and other documents.


VIGILUS, LLC (vigilus.net) is a leading IBM Lotus Notes/Domino solution provider, consultant and training organization with over 10 years of experience in the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) industry, specifically, for ACT! for Notes.


A client’s sales team was using Excel spreadsheets to track prospect profile information. Each spreadsheet represented one customer or prospective customer. Maintenance of these spreadsheets was tedious and compliance was hard to enforce. Analysis of this information was especially difficult.

The Vigilus/SWING Solution

Rather than engaging in a large software development project, Vigilus suggested ACT! for Notes (AFN) and SWING Software. The client would then have a single, familiar, AFN User Interface and powerful, flexible and easy-to-use two-way “data bridge” to Microsoft Excel and Word.


Using the SWING Software tools, the user created an Excel file and then associated it to a “Company Profile” document in AFN to an Excel Template.

This allowed a User to create or edit an Excel spreadsheet by simply clicking on the AFN Company Profile document. The User controls which cells in the spreadsheet need to update which fields in the AFN document.

Thus, much profile information is captured in Excel and only those fields that needed to be displayed and reported via AFN are “brought back” from Excel. All the while, all spreadsheets were centrally stored in AFN.

“Vigilus worked side-by-side with Pentair Water to develop a customized component powered by SWING integrator within Act! for Notes,” says Patrick Dupies, Regional Sales Manager, Pentair Water. “The solution not only helped our Sales staff with the collection of unique customer data but seamlessly utilized many of the standard features and benefits of the software. The result was greater visibility into sales opportunities, reduced reporting time and ongoing analysis of our growth targets.”

How does SWING software add value to ACT! for Notes?

Users are able to produce highly formatted documents, report and analyze using sophisticated Excel reports, create and e-mail PDF documents and reports and dynamically assemble contracts, proposals, and other documents.

With simple programming, a user can pull fields of information from other forms within ACT! for Notes and embed them in MS Office documents saving the user something that no one else can give them – TIME!