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Case Study: Kaiser Permanente Hawaii


SWING DocPublisher receives positive feedback from KPHI pharmacy and hospital staff across 18 locations.


Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, the state’s largest and most experienced health maintenance organization, is celebrating 50 years of providing quality care and health coverage to the people of Hawaii. Its 4,400 employees and more than 410 doctors are dedicated to serving its members on Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai.

Nationwide, Kaiser Permanente includes approximately 159,000 technical, administrative and clerical employees and caregivers, and 14,000 physicians representing all specialties.


KPHI wanted to update their documentation site so it includes document library with policies, procedures, instructions and standards to be shared across 18 locations. Previously, all documents had been stored on a shared drive and sent out via Lotus Notes.

The goal was to have the navigation and search functions be as user-friendly as possible. Users needed to be able to search within all text.


KPHI selected SWING DocPublisher as the most user-friendly option. Its 18 locations and 500 pharmacy staff will eventually be using SWING DocPublisher for information. The web site is also available for the physicians, and nurses and other hospital staff.


“The upgrade to SWING Doc Publisher allowed us to organize our documents and tool kits in an efficient manner. The search function greatly improved our ability to locate documents, information and post quickly,” said Candice Vidal, Pharmacy Information Analyst.

“The basic features and administration properties are easy to follow and maintain. Although I am not an IT person or computer savvy for that matter, I was able to create the web with little instruction. It’s extremely user-friendly and very beneficial to our company. We have received numerous positive feedback from pharmacy and hospital staff.”