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Case Study: Infordata


SWING Integrator allowed initially 50 sales representatives to easily create customized sales proposals in MS Word directly from a database.


Infordata S.p.A. has been working for over 20 years in the ICT market as a provider of value added solutions and services mainly based on IBM technology. Infordata internal applications run over IBM iSeries, pSeries and xSeries, while data is stored on IBM System Storage. Thanks to its customer-centric organization, Infordata contributes to the success of numerous enterprises through the quality and specificity of its solutions and services.


Infordata has been using Domino-based applications for several years now. The applications are used to archive commercial proposals, budget, contracts and the like, and allow these documents to be centralized, catalogued, and easily found in the Domino structure.

These official documents are authored with MS Office and then attached to Notes documents.

“Before using SWING Integrator, the internal applications were too complicated or impossible to manage for the end user,” said Giovanni D’Alessandro, Infordata Lotus Specialist. The routine tasks involved:

  1. Modifying, re-saving and re-attaching Word documents to Notes pages.
  2. Transferring data between Word and Notes document fields.
  3. Converting Word documents to PDF and attaching these PDFs to Notes documents.
  4. Visualizing Notes data in a graphic form.

As Infordata is an IBM Premier Business Partner, the alternative to SWING Integrator was to develop ‘something at home’ that could solve the integration problems with MS Office. However, after weighing out all the pros and cons, SWING Integrator turned out to be a logical choice, thanks to its easy integration with other applications and its price. Our intention was to enable end users to use all the features of Microsoft Office without changing their habits or work methods.”


“Initially, we implemented SWING Integrator in our application for sales opportunities and proposals (this particular database is used by 50 representatives as well as 30 technicians). SWING Integrator allowed us to automate these particular processes by enabling creation of sales proposals in MS Word directly from our database. Additionally, SWING Integrator made available easy creation of pre-defined MS Word templates, thereby allowing every company of the Infordata Group to easily create customized documents.”


“Having achieved success with the initial integration, Infordata today has implemented SWING Integrator in numerous applications without changing their structure. Currently, there are about 100 users that access this new functionality, in 3 different locations. Thanks to SWING Integrator the time to generate commercial proposals was greatly reduced, and Infordata has been able to save both time and money in R&D.”

  • Key Facts

    Customer: Infordata S.p.A.
    Product: SWING Integrator
    Solution: Sales Proposals; Office Integration; Document Automation

  • Customer Testimonials

         Thanks to SWING Integrator the time to generate commercial proposals was greatly reduced, and Infordata has been able to save both time and money in R&D.

    Giovanni D’Alessandro
    Infordata Lotus Specialist