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Case Study: Brunswick Bowling & Billiard Corporation


A Standard Operating Procedures Library with 500,000+ pages of documents is used by 500+ users across 103 locations.


Brunswick Corporation owns and operates 103 bowling centers in North America and Europe. With the introduction of the Automatic Pinsetter in 1954 and the Automatic Scorer in 1967, countless operating and installation manuals along with thousands of service and safety bulletins have been written.


“Until SWING DocPublisher, obtaining necessary documents/manuals was at least a 7 day process,” said Bill Mongeau, Director of Service Operations. “It was necessary to leave a message detailing your needs with an associate. The associate would be required to search through manual files, make a copy and send to the user via mail.”

The key challenge was to create a process that would allow the end user to obtain necessary documentation as it becomes available, along with a user friendly filing system.


The first thought at a viable solution was to build an intranet web site that would allow users to access and print necessary documentation. The other option was to create a custom Lotus Notes application. None of those were possible due to the time and budget constraints.

“An IT colleague asked me to take a look at SWING DocPublisher. Within minutes of using the trial version I knew I had my solution,” said Mr. Mongeau. “SWING DocPublisher was extremely easy to implement and is enriched with features that allowed me to improve on the original design concept.”


The company has 500,000+ pages of documents loaded and used by well over 500 users across 103 locations.

In addition, the Construction Division has recently started using SWING DocPublisher to maintain project management information along with utilizing the SOP library, effectively organizing $80 million of project
money this year.

Finally, the time required for obtaining documents has dropped from 7 days to few seconds, from any of the bowling centers in North America and Europe.

  • Key Facts

    Customer: Brunswick Corporation
    Product: SWING DocPublisher
    Solution: Standard Operating Procedures

  • Customer Testimonials

         SWING DocPublisher is simply awesome. It has allowed us to make tremendous strides in bringing our document and communication driven organization into this century. With DocPublisher, all the information is just a few clicks away. It is priceless.

    Bill Mongeau
    Director of Service Operations