Who is going to migrate Notes and Domino applications to the cloud?

We asked IBM Notes and Domino professionals whether they were going to migrate their applications to the cloud (those applications that used to run on IBM Notes and Domino on-premises).

Here’s what we learned:

  • Nearly half of respondents (47%) are currently looking to migrate some or all of their collaborative applications to the cloud.
  • 39% of Lotus Notes and IBM Domino professionals choose IBM as a cloud provider of choice, either exclusively or with other providers. Microsoft comes in a close second (32%).
  • The shift to the cloud is also an opportunity for platform and application consolidation.

Our conclusion was that Lotus Notes migration to the cloud generally goes along with platform and application consolidation. It is commonly a unique opportunity to rebuild legacy applications (or to find a SaaS alternative) and to repartition functions across the application portfolio to better match business needs. For legacy Notes/Domino applications, however, it is rarely a one-to-one application migration.

Update: IBM Domino Applications on Cloud: A rational approach

With the IBM Bluemix platform as a service (PaaS), and particularly IBM XPages NoSQL Database for Bluemix, loyal IBM customers might find a new home for their existing Domino data. As several respondents pointed out, XPages is considered a bridge to Bluemix and IBM will certainly attempt to “lift and shift” Lotus Notes databases to the cloud and draw Domino developers to the IBM cloud platform.

What’s the barrier of entry? First: applications have to be modernized so the application design is strictly separated from the data; second: the Notes client should be removed from the equation; and third: the platform is not yet ready for prime time.

The full Notes/Domino Applications Report is available here.

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