10 signs you need content transformation tools for HCL Notes and Domino

If you’re responsible for the HCL Notes and Domino (Lotus Notes) environment in your organization, you have probably come across some of these indicators at some point.

HCL Domino transformation use cases
  1. Migration to the cloud is underway, so you’ll need to figure out what to do with all the applications and databases that aren’t being actively used.
  2. You’re asked to move a collection of Notes documents to a SharePoint list or library.
  3. As a HCL Domino developer, you need to produce printable customer-facing documents directly from your web applications.
  4. Your organization has decided to implement a new system for centralized record keeping.
  5. Your company’s application portfolio needs consolidation. You will be reducing the number of apps, and you will need to archive inactive data.
  6. Business users ask for help whenever they need to extract emails and documents related to a case.
  7. Your databases contain some personal data about EU customers, so you need to be able to extract copies of these records on customers’ requests according to the GDPR’s right of access.
  8. Your CIO considers Notes apps a legacy part of the application portfolio. You will need to come up with a plan for both application modernization and data migration.
  9. You feel that any vendor lock-in is not a good idea for long-term data archiving. Thus, you are looking for a way to extract content from Domino databases in an open format, preserving all documents, views, hierarchies, links, and metadata.
  10. Your organization has decided to ditch the Lotus Notes client completely (retaining browser-based apps on Domino 10+). Classic Lotus Notes apps will be sunsetted.

Have HCL Domino transformation tools already found a place in your IT toolbox? We’d love to learn more about your specific needs and scenarios. Or, download the latest versions of our tools:

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