SWING PDF Converter 6 for IBM Notes and Domino

We’re excited to announce that SWING PDF Converter 6.0 is here!

If you are a customer with a valid Upgrade Plan (that is, you purchased your license within last 12 months, or renewed the maintenance within the same period), you are entitled to the upgrade. FYI, upgrading to version 6 will require you to enter a new license key (version 5 keys will not work) and in order to get the new key all you have to do is send us a quick email. If you’re not a customer and have never used the PDF Converter before, perhaps this is the best time to try it out.

In version 6, we have focused on connectivity with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. With increasing interest in Office 365 as well as continued interest in SharePoint, we decided to replace the previous CMIS-based link to SharePoint with a native link, which is faster and more robust. In addition, the Version 6 will allow you upload your Lotus Notes documents to SharePoint either in one go (while running archiving jobs) or in two steps (by saving the created PDF files on disk and uploading them to SharePoint as a separate task).

Since the launch of the version 1 of PDF Converter for IBM Notes back in 2009, we’ve been constantly improving the product’s functionality, both in terms of the supported features (e.g. manual or automated exports, numerous configuration and deployment options, Lotus Script and Java API and so on) as well as fidelity and reliability of the Notes content conversion. Lately, we’ve also been working on internal code refactoring which greatly improves the core qualities of the product. With version 6, you can expect better conversion fidelity and robustness, whether you use it via the toolbar icon, the server archiving jobs or the API.

We should also mention the availability of a new type of license which was introduced as a response to frequent requests by our Business Partners, who were interested in providing data services (such as application data archiving or data migration) to their clients. If that sounds like you, please contact us for more details.

Finally, we are eager to hear from you what you think about the product. Let us know what specifically you’re trying to achieve with the Notes to PDF conversion and what we can do to help you achieve your goals. Send us your comments and thoughts to info@swingsoftware.com.

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