SWING PDF Converter 2.0 for Lotus Notes

SWING PDF Converter 2 provides Lotus Notes professionals with the ability to:

  • Export emails, documents and attachments to PDF
  • Archive entire mail folders or document collections
  • Produce print-quality documents from Domino web applications
  • Create PDFs using either existing forms or custom forms
  • Create compact, searchable email archives with a built-in view, all in a single PDF file!
  • What makes SWING PDF Converter unique:

First, it doesn’t require a client-side installation of a printer driver nor DLL files. Managers or Administrators can centrally deploy PDF toolbar icons to end-users and manage the tool through configuration documents.

For Notes developers, it provides the LotusScript API that can be employed in any Notes/Domino application. Developers can set up the conversion to run either on the client or on server for scheduled tasks or web-based applications.

The new version brings overall speed improvements and better conversion fidelity, new attachment handling, and a number of Notes-specific functions such as a smart “fit-to-page” function that automatically adjusts the size of images and tables.

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