Step-By-Step: Navigating the IBM Lotus Notes archive

Once your IBM Lotus Notes database has been archived, you can access views and documents using a web browser. In this 2-minute demo you will see how to navigate a Seascape archive.

  1. Open the archive in a web browser. The Seascape archive reflects IBM Lotus Notes application views, categories, and parent-child relationships.
  2. Navigate the archive. Sort documents in views.
  3. Find and open individual documents (exported as PDF).
  4. Click on document links to open related documents.
  5. Use the sidebar to see metadata and file attachments extracted from the IBM Lotus Notes database.

Seascape takes an IBM Domino application database or mailbox and transforms it into a browser-based archive. Original document layout is retained, together with rich content, views, links, and metadata.

Download the full trial and try it out with your own IBM Domino databases.

YouTube: IBM Notes Application Archiving 101

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