PDF Converter vs. Seascape for Notes (Part 3)

This is the third part of our series in which we are discussing differences between two SWING archiving solutions for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino: PDF Converter and Seascape for Notes.

During the many years we worked to build and improve our Notes data archiving solutions, we were able to reach specific vantage points from which we could fully understand and appreciate all of the pain points associated with Lotus Notes and Domino data archiving.

In addition to receiving continuous feedback from our customers about our solutions, we also ran numerous export projects for clients per our Premium Export Services program. These export projects allowed us to obtain an even deeper insight into the typical issues and problems associated with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino application archiving. As a result, our two archiving solutions today are equipped to handle a majority of export projects right out-of-the-box.

Having talked about the different usage scenarios typically associated with both the PDF Converter and Seascape for Notes products in our previous two posts, we’ve now come to the point of summarizing all the pro’s and con’s and answering the key question: Which product is right for you?

Choosing the right solution for you is directly related to the specific scenarios related to your business, and your archiving requirements and/or constraints. In order to assist you with making the right choice, we’ve prepared a simple checklist which you can find here.

More recently, though, we’ve noticed that many of our customers choose to deploy both PDF Converter and Seascape for Notes to get the best of both worlds.

Considering the various business requirements and technical and other considerations typically present when undertaking any Notes data archiving project, and the large number of stakeholders typically involved, it was to be expected that one or the other of the solutions would perform better in different scenarios. When facing multiple business scenarios, it made sense to many of our customers to use both our solutions.

Consequently, and in order to speed up the onboarding and deployment process, we’re now offering bundled licenses to customers who decide to deploy both of our export solutions in tandem. For more information feel free to contact us anytime.

Do you have a specific Notes applications archiving project you would like to discuss with us? Please send us with your thoughts, comments or questions anytime to: info@swingsoftware.com.

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