New Release of SWING PDF Converter for Lotus Notes

SWING Software has just released the latest version of SWING PDF Converter – a software tool for Lotus Notes email and document archiving, sharing and web printing. The new version introduces advanced features including PDF/A for email/document archiving; exporting Notes field values to PDF metadata; flexible headers and footers, and improved conversion fidelity.

What does make SWING PDF Converter unique?

First, SWING PDF Converter is created specifically for Lotus Notes documents and emails. This means that Lotus Notes users can convert single or multiple emails/documents, together with file attachments, so all the information including the original layout is preserved. Moreover, users can select any number of documents and create a single PDF file – a searchable package that looks just like a view in Lotus Notes.

Second, SWING PDF Converter does not require client installations as it is not a virtual printer driver. It can be installed as a standard Notes application on a Domino server. Then, administrators can easily deploy PDF smart icons by sending an email to end-users. The key configuration settings are still maintained centrally.

Third, application developers can use the product’s LotusScript API or Java API by including the product libraries into their Notes/Domino applications. They can choose to run the conversion either on the Notes client or on the Domino server.

Finally, the new version introduces advanced features including PDF/A for email/document archiving; exporting Notes field values to PDF metadata; flexible headers and footers; and improved conversion fidelity.

Here are some usage scenarios:

Export from Lotus Notes: Companies use SWING PDF Converter when they want to extract existing content from Lotus Notes databases. PDF is the format of choice for documents and emails, especially when the original Lotus Notes document layout needs to be preserved.

Email archiving: PDF and PDF/A provide long-term retention of emails and documents, independently of email servers and specific platform. These archives can be viewed or printed on any computer by authorized users. Some organizations will be storing the resulting individual PDFs into their content repositories, together with metadata. Others will rather be using the PDF Converter’s ability to convert entire email folders into a compact PDF package – a single file that consists of searchable views, emails and file attachments, to simplify search and retrieval in the future.

Web printing: Domino web developers may want to automatically produce invoices, purchase orders, certificates, HR forms, and other printable documents – directly from their web applications. They can do that by using familiar Domino Designer for creating a printable document layout. Then, they simply invoke a PDF Converter function to use the newly created layout for PDF rendition.

Records management: SWING PDF Converter helps companies incorporate emails and documents from Lotus Notes into their records management system. Once converted to PDF (or PDF/A) together with the corresponding metadata, these files can be classified and handled as records, together with other related content types.

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