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SWING PDF Converter enables Lotus Notes users and application developers to export Lotus Notes documents and emails into standard PDF format for sharing, archiving, or web printing.

SWING Software announces today the release of SWING PDF Converter for Lotus Notes – a software tool for Notes email and document archiving, sharing and web printing.

The basic idea behind the product is to make the PDF conversion an integral feature of the Lotus Notes client, or Notes/Domino applications. It doesn’t require a client side installation of a printer driver nor DLL files.

For end-users and administrators: Deployment is as easy as sending an email to users. SWING PDF Converter adds the PDF icon to the Lotus Notes toolbar, which lets users convert one or more Notes documents or emails. The user experience is fully customizable.

For application developers: LotusScript API is provided. Developers can enhance the out-of-the-box toolbar functionality, or can grab the PDF Converter libraries and insert them into any Lotus Notes Domino application, using the PDF Converter as a software component in their solutions.

SWING PDF Converter introduces greatly simplified email and document archiving capabilities to Lotus Notes Domino. It creates PDF Packages from any email or document collection. A single PDF Package consists of any number of documents (or email messages) with their corresponding attachments. It also contains a view, so users can sort, search and navigate through documents/emails with ease – all this inside Adobe Reader.

Lotus Notes users can easily archive all documents and emails related to a project, case, or a customer into a single PDF Package. These PDF archives can be used independently or as a part of a corporate records repository for legal discovery and business uses. Because they are platform independent, they can be viewed or printed on any computer by authorized users.

Developers can also create server-based agents using the LotusScript API. Agents can be scheduled to produce PDF files unattended.

Domino web developers can use SWING PDF Converter to create print-quality output from their web applications.

About SWING Software

SWING Software develops and markets award-winning software for collaborative document management. Its market leading products for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Office systems are helping companies across 60 countries worldwide make their document production, publishing and distribution processes more efficient. For more information, visit https://www.swingsoftware.com.

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