Lotus Notes content on SharePoint: Simply Click & Go

Need to upload legacy Lotus Notes databases to SharePoint? Our new click-and-go mode simplifies the process, eliminating the need for Notes and Domino expertise.

Lotus Notes content to SharePoint

Uploading Lotus Notes content from NSF databases to SharePoint might be a challenging task, especially if your goal is to ensure full content fidelity.

Seascape for Notes now includes SharePoint Uploader 3, an improved upload tool with a new click-and-go mode. It does all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t need to be a Lotus Notes or Domino specialist, and don’t need to be familiar with the legacy application structure. Simply select your databases, choose your target SharePoint site, and click – it’s that easy.

SharePoint Uploader automatically analyzes the underlying structure of your legacy Lotus Notes databases and creates complete archives on the target Microsoft SharePoint site. The archives include Notes documents with preserved layouts, hierarchies, links and attachments.

Benefit from the decades of experience that we’ve built into our tools:

  • Content fidelity you can trust: Thousands of organizations have preserved their historical Lotus Notes content and data by using our archiving tools.
  • Organized structure: The resulting SharePoint archives are intuitively organized, ensuring that your team can easily navigate and retrieve historical information.
  • Fast track or fine-tune: Whether you use the click-and-go mode or delve into the manual mode with custom mapping, SharePoint Uploader guides you through the process.
Demo: How to upload Lotus Notes content to SharePoint Online / Microsoft 365

Don’t let legacy data hold you back. Download Seascape for Notes with SharePoint Uploader or contact us for a personalized consultation about Lotus Notes data migration and archiving.

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