Key Reasons to Extract Inactive Data from Lotus Notes

There are a number of reasons why off-loading and archiving of inactive data from Notes/Domino is a good practice for all organizations, regardless of what the future bodes for IBM Notes and Domino.

According to our recent survey, 43% of organizations are looking to preserve Lotus Notes data outside of HCL Domino, whether they are migrating away from Notes or not. Of the larger 1000+ employee organizations surveyed, 55% are especially interested in platform-independent retention of Notes data due to compliance and legal requirements. Such organizations aim to preserve historical records properly before it becomes too difficult or too expensive to do so.

Another research conducted by CSC reports that 3/4 of all existing applications (not only Notes/Domino) will have to be modernized over the next three years. Modernizing applications is a critical and high priority task for 70% of CIOs. These efforts can be accelerated by extracting inactive data.

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