Indriya completes an archiving project with Seascape for Notes

Indriya has just completed a Lotus Notes application archiving project for a large global chemical company using Seascape for Notes

Whenever a partner company tells us about a completed IBM Notes and Domino application archiving project, we get very curious. How did the project go? How did our product perform? Is there anything we could do to improve the export process?

We are also curious about the client’s specific usage scenario. Did the client need to archive inactive data from their working applications? Or, did they want to retire legacy applications and preserve historical data, including Notes documents, views, links and metadata?

Last week we talked to our business partners at Indriya. They have just completed their first Lotus Notes application archiving project for a large global chemical company using Seascape for Notes, our archiving tool. It took them a couple of months to analyze the client’s needs, propose a solution, perform the export and then finally build a custom wrapper around SWING Seascape for Notes in order to provide for a few additional specific client requirements.

To make a long story short, about 100 client databases residing on IBM Domino servers were identified as candidates for archiving. The archiving process went smoothly. The resulting Seascape archive looked great when opened in a web browser and mimicked the original Notes application layouts perfectly, resulting in exceptionally high user acceptance of this archiving solution.

Currently, about 400 people at the client’s organization are using the Seascape archives to access legacy Notes data. The archives themselves consist of about 120 GB worth of data and 1.8 million documents, which were created without any known issues.

We needed to move quickly through the 100 databases. We tried the demo version of SWING Seascape and found it to be efficient and robust.

— Niraj Agarwal, Partner

Although Indriya initially thought about engaging an external provider to handle the archiving process, their consultants became familiar with Seascape for Notes very quickly and found that they needed no special expertise in order to run the export process entirely on their own.

Thanks, Indriya, for such a great success story! We believe this is a start of a long-lasting partnership.

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