IBM Domino Applications on Cloud: Time to rationalize your application landscape

IBM introduces IBM Domino Applications on Cloud, a hosting service for companies that wish to migrate their Domino applications to the IBM Cloud.

With this offering, IBM invites you to decommission your Domino servers, move your apps to the IBM Cloud, and—not to forget—bring your own IBM Domino licenses there (Update: multiple options are now available). If you decide to take this path, you will first need to examine your application portfolio to see which apps should be hosted and which should be sunset. This is a great opportunity to rationalize your application landscape!

Almost 70% of all organizations are focusing on consolidating or rationalizing their application portfolios, regardless of the application platform (source: KPMG; see: ALM Practices for Notes and Domino). Migration to the cloud accelerates this trend, and IBM encourages the Domino community to do that now.

So if (or when) IBM takes over the running of your important Domino apps, what will happen with your less-important or inactive applications? Or with the applications that used to be important but are no longer adding business value?

While it’s easy to shut applications down, they still contain a great deal of data that should without a doubt be retained for regulatory, legal, or business reasons. This then raises the question of how to save this data in such a way that will allow users to access it easily and in a meaningful manner—even years from today.

We firmly believe that the best way to preserve historical data is to extract it from legacy Notes applications and save it in an open standard repository. Seascape for Notes is our solution for this type of data archiving.

Seascape creates a platform-independent archive of your Lotus Notes content. No application servers or databases are needed. It’s quick, simple, and lightweight. But at the same time, it’s also robust, powerful, and highly practical. You can finally sunset read-only apps, servers, and Notes clients, while retaining access to Notes views and documents. All data is saved in open formats that a lawyer or a businessperson will be able to easily use and understand in years to come.

Seascape archives are portable and detached from the original application and platform, so you can freely move files across your tiered storage system for long-term archiving.

Here’s our proposal:

Download Seascape and give it a try. The trial is shipped as a regular NSF Notes application and takes only two minutes to install. It’s great to see a browser-based archive, but it’s even better when it holds your data. [Seascape Trial]

In addition, we’ve put together two really brief demos to show you how to export IBM Notes views and documents from a typical Notes application. See Seascape in action.

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